Monday, May 29, 2017

Re-fresh x Cinderella Protein Care (ADV)

If my blog could talk, it would most probably be cursing me right now, for the numerous times I've abandoned it. S.o.r.r.y. But moving forward, I am certain things will change, because change is the only constant in life. I'll update in this space very soon on my recent change.....

For now, yes here's another change too, my "shortest" change thus far. hahaha! I reckon the weather must have influenced my latest change, from long hair to mid length, to bangs and now to even shorter than before. There's a little devil inside my head that keeps telling me to "cut it shorter... shorter... even shorterrrrrr". 
P.s. My favourite hairstylist adds on to that too... After getting this hair cut, she subtly hinted me to try going bob the next time... I think I should get drunk first then head to the saloon. (kidding).

My last visit to Hair Plus Korean Salon was in ...... January? Gosh that was some time ago, and that was when i had my bangs haircut (if you haven't read about it, click here).  After that session, i've travelled to London/Scotland/Manchester in late January (will be doing a travel blogpost on that soon!) and Brisbane in mid March for an underwater rugby tournament (may blog on that.... if i have enough time). Haha, the point is.... to show that my hair has gotten long and unruly and rough. So , don't judge...

Before all that drama about my hair being chopped, this was how unruly it looked. Tangled, uneven, split ends
Seconds after I got to admire how unruly my hair looked, Su gave me no chance to admire it any longer and snipped it away....... She was nice enough to leave the bunch on the table for me to say bye to it..... 

After waving goodbye, time to get down to business. My hair was trimmed and snipped to the perfect shape, and Su chose my hair dye colour of a cool brown tone to suit the upcoming weather. I never knew hair dye colours can be chosen in accordance to weather! How amazing is that. Well, I always leave it up to Su to decide for me (because i'm indecisive like that) because she's the pro at it! Got my hair dyed and stuck on by wrap for 25min before getting my head massaged and the dye washed off. Did i mention for the 249274th time that hair washing is my fav fav fav time at the salon ? *inserts gleeful eyes*

After that, here comes the real deal. I was here to try out their newest product offering, called the Cinderella Protein Care. It essentially is like a hair treatment, just that the results last for approximately 3 months (results vary for different hair types and activities that you do on a regular basis) as compared to regular hair treatment!! This Cinderella Protein Care is super popular in Korea right now, even though the product reigns from USA. It comprises of 3 steps, using 3 separate products with different purposes in this whole treatment.  

Step 1: Like at any speech, you'll have to "address" the crowd and do an opening speech before moving on to the main performance. Similarly, the first step of the Cinderella Protein Care "opens" your hair up, so that your hair is prepped and ready to absorb more nutrients in. The application of the cream to my hair and roots smells deliciously fruity, like ... raspberry. After product is applied, I was hooked up to the bubble head (that's what i like to call it) and let it steam for 7 - 10min. Once timer buzzes, I was ushered to wash my hair, followed by a short hair massage, allowing the product to be fully absorbed in. 

Bubble-Head Steam
Step 2: Before the 2nd product is applied, Su and her assistant had to blow dry my hair partially first. Once it was done, the 2nd product - which is a 100% protein cream was applied on and I had to let it absorb into my roots naturally. No steaming, no bubble head, just sitting back and reading my magazine while bobbing my head back and forth freely. (Y) Once 25min was up, the hairstylists came back to blow dry my hair (with hot air) until my hair is completely dried. Then Su used a straightener to straighten/curl my hair. It doesn't matter whether your hair gets straightened/curled at this stage, what matters is that some form of heat element is applied directly to your hair to ensure that the product gets absorbed even deeper. 

Step 3: After you look at yourself in the mirror looking super chio with the nice curls, time to get it washed off. noooooo, there goes the nice straightener curls... Time for the last step. The last step should be easy to guess - it's the Closing. After feeding your hair with all that nutrients, you'll have to lock them in to prevent them from escaping easily right? Yeap! So the final step is a spray which locks in the treatment. After application, heat is radiated in an oscillating machine over your head for 7min now, and after-which it'll be washed off. 


Soooooo happy with the results!!! My hair has always been damaged because I swim and play underwater rugby alot, so my hair gets in contact with chlorine water quite a fair bit. I am hoping with this new Cinderella Protein Care, my hair can stay manageable for a prolonged period of time. 


It has been nearly a month since i had this treatment (i visited the salon on 7 May) and my hair is still very quite smooth! I'm honestly very surprised at how well the Cinderella Protein Care lives up to its name. I've been swimming regularly, exercising, playing underwater rugby, and each time i wash my hair, it goes back to default, which is the manageable texture like i just stepped out of the salon. WOW. 

For this time round, Hair Plus Korean Salon has graciously extended a special discount for all my readers! For those of you who would like to try out this Cinderella Protein Care, quote my name "JasmineChye" for an additional 5% discount (there is currently a 10% discount in-stores) off!!
*Promotion ends in June 2017*

Till then, keep calm and stay tuned for my next upcoming travel blog & update!


Thursday, January 26, 2017

How to look 5 years younger? [Adv]

Hello all! Sorry for being MIA for the longest time ever. Everytime when I come across something interesting to share, I'd document it down in point form and make a mental note to update my blog. but.... they always never make it to the blog post. :x oooops!

So, work at my new place has been great ! Coincidentally, it kinda matches my blog url! I started this blog in what, 2007 (?! has it been that long already?!!!) , and i named it   I don't know if it's fate or what, but i'm currently working at The Scarlet Singapore! Tell me how much it reminds me of my own blog every time i start my emails with Greetings from The Scarlet Singapore! At times, I do write the scarlet words unknowingly..... (hehe)

Time flies while you're busy with life. I haven't had the chance to swing by my trusted salon for ages ever since my last visit in preparation for my Miss Tourism International Sri Lanka pageant. It's been THAT long.... But, i'm glad that the owners of Hair Plus Korean Salon and my trusty hairstylist, Su Kim, still welcome me with open arms and take the chance to catch up for lost times.

Since I haven't visited them for quite some time, Su suggested for me to go for a totally different look. Plus my hair had grown quite a fair bit, and gotten rougher too (lol). I'm currently in my mid twenties (going to late twenties soon), so naturally i would want to look younger and fresher. The first thing that came to Su's mind was "see-through bangs" or may be known otherwise as "airy bangs" or "wispy bangs". Apparently this hair style will literally knock 5 years off your age and instantly helps sculpt a more defined V-shaped face. I guess it's quite apparent that this hairstyle definitely works wonders if you were to notice several korean celebrities spotting similar hairstyles. Some familiar faces like.....

Yoon Eun Hye
Credits: Singapore Fashion Week
Song Hye Kyo
Credits: Allkpop

Lee Yeon Hee.
Credits: Pinterest
Han Hye Joo
Credits: Soompi 

Keen to find out how to achieve this ? Read on below for my hair transformation process...

Yes, this is my hair when I first arrive at the salon; tangled, unruly and out of shape. Su went straight to cutting away my precious locks. Fun fact: the only time i ever had bangs was in Secondary 3 and I deeply regretted it. It took me awhile to come to terms with my hair going back to bangs, but I always give my 101% trust to Su. This time, i took a video of my hair cutting process just for you guys who share the same fear as me. 

Right after hair cut, I had my hair dyed with brown base and purple hues, followed by faint red highlights. You can't really tell the purple or red colours, it's not like in-your-face kind of colours but more subtle kind if you look closely under the light. As a hotelier, I don't want to have too striking of a hair colour since i have to meet clients daily. These subtle hues are perfect for me (Y)

Here comes the hair treatment (blue/white bottle range)! I loveeeeee their korean hair treatment not just bcos it smells so damn good, but it also feels reallyyyy good! Oh, I tried the scalp care treatment as well. It comes with 3 steps; cleansing, moisturizing and lastly a mist to lock in all the nutrients. I tend to drop lots of hair during shower, sometimes even i feel that its too much to be normal. Many have said that it's normal to drop hair if you have long thick hair, but i kind of find it frightening to see that much hair on the floor each time after i shower. Hopefully this scalp care treatment will be able to help curb my abnormal hair fall problem before i turn bald. (fyi, my hair is still really thick & healthy, no signs of balding yet yeah). While the scalp treatment is on, it was steamed as well and it feel really cool and refreshing. After 10min + 10min + 10min, all the treatment steps was done and washed. My little bunch of fringe was permed for couple of minutes before getting it washed. 

2 hours later .... emerged a younger looking Jasmine!

Look at how healthy my hair looks now! It always look so revived after my session at Hair Plus Korean Salon. 

Do look for my trusty hairstylist, Su if you intend to visit the salon at FEP! P.s. she is only at fep, not at suntec. But fret not, there's other senior stylists at Suntec outlet too, who are equally capable of creating this look for you ;)

If you are wondering how do I look after a week or two or three .... here's some photos of me totally lovin' my new look!

It's really really easy to manage, super low maintenance! I don't even have to take any extra care of it, besides the usual conditioner, and serum once in awhile (once in a blue moon for me bcos i'm such a lazybum). Plus, i play water sports 3 times a week (thurs/sat/sun) and i don't have to fret over my hair turning cray cray. Love it each time I head down. 

Do visit their website to check out their monthly promotions! Click Here to check out their webby!  

Meanwhile, be safe on the streets and eat more during this festive season! I'll be heading to London tomorrow morning to bask in a Londoner's cny celebration. 
Happy Chinese New Year !!!!!


Friday, August 05, 2016

Inside Scope to Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016

Time really flies when you are least expecting it to. It is the time of the year again where we choose our new batch of beauty queens under ERM Singapore. Yes you are right, it's time for another year of Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant.

Ever since my reign as Miss Singapore Global Queen 2014, I have been actively involved in pageantry; be it representing Singapore to compete internationally or local events. Till date, I have represented Singapore for 3 separate international pageants and I must say it is such an eye-opening experience. I have learnt and grown so much ever since, and with that, I would like to encourage and empower more ladies to experience what I have gone through. Therefore, I am very honored to be on board the committee board for this year's Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2016. Time to take a step back, and watch and help other ladies shine.

Every year we will have a different charity that we support and this year, our adopted charity is Down Syndrome Association (DSA).  We were invited down to DSA office located at Junction 8 for a briefing on the association, what it does, who it helps etc. This will facilitate the contestants when they are faced with questions from the public.

Did you know that World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) is on 21 March and the reason why this date is selected is because it signifies the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down Syndrome.

I am definitely very looking forward to participating and working with DSA on our upcoming pageant activities. If you would like to know more about our adopted charity, you may visit DSA website at  the link here: Down Syndrome Association Singapore


The contestants had a fun-filled trip to the Canopi at Bintan, where they spent 4 days bonding with one another through game challenges, photoshoots etc. I recall during my year of competition, we were very fortunate to be the first batch of msbp contestants to have an overseas staycation and photoshoot. It was a 3d2n affair for us at Nongsa Resort & Turi Beach Resort at Batam then. Msbp gets better and better year on year, making us past queens super jealous. hahaha. Since I didn't make it for the trip, here's a video of their stay. Do follow ERM Singapore youtube channel for more episodes of Miss Singapore Reveals, a reality show for the pageant.

Since the girls had their fair share of fun, it's time for serious business. A press conference was held on 27th July at Orchid Country Club for our media friends and sponsor partners to officially meet the girls and break some ice. It was my first time having some interaction with the contestants too. Attended the event with Rachel (Miss Tourism Queen International 2013), Apple (Msbp'15 Top 5), Vanessa (Msbp'15 Top 5) and other Mrs Queens! The list of sponsors for this year's pageant has greatly increased over the years, and yes making us jealous once again....

Check out the cute packaging of Maki by one of our sponsors!

L-R: Apple, Vanessa, Myself, Rachel

Rachel is the chairperson for the committee this year ! Chairwoman giving her well thought out speech.... 

 After the ladies were presented on stage, we had a small game planned for them. Since fitness and physique has been in the talks lately, we gave them a planking challenge. Looking good is not all about being skinny; it is about keeping fit and being healthy. Let's hope the ladies are equally fit & healthy! *if not, its time to get fit.....


Few days later, it was their talent showcase day! I reckon this day is probably one of the more nerve wrecking moments (besides the grand finals of course) as you'll have to perform not only for the judges to judge you, but as well as the public. During my year, our talent showcase was a closed door event held at Lee Wei Song School Of Music. Even so during then, I was super nervous like hell. Imagine performing infront of the public at a mall. *applause to you ladies*

Sumini, Myself, Florence, Rachel
Vanessa Tiara, Hashiena and Myself

Panel of Judges
 I must say some of the contestants have really interesting performance items and they most definitely have hidden talents! Gone were the days where everyone just merely sang or danced, things are getting heated up with saucy performances! Kudos to everyone who plucked up courage to perform in front of the public and us judges, who may have given harsh comments at times.
*some snippets of the performance items... More on my facebook!

After the performance ended, the contestants got to breathe slightly before starting on the swimwear segment proudly sponsored by Triumph SG. This year's swimwear has got a wide variety of designs; ranging from two piece bikini to monokini and covered up one pieces. 
*some snippets of the swimwear. More on my facebook!

The moment of truth is revealed! Who will emerge top 4 for best talent? 


Congrats to the following ladies for qualifying for Top 4 Talent Show

Vanessa for her saucy latin ballroom dance item;
Jeslyn for her delicate chinese dance item;
Diviya for her belly dance incorporated with chinese fans;
Priscilla for her salsa bollywood fusion dance item.

Practice hard for your items and shine on the final stage. 

The most recent event we had was the preview show held at Luxi , St James. Just to highlight that this wasn't the finals, it was just a preview show for the ladies to garner support and to present 4 subtitles for the night. 

It was a great event, many Mrs and Miss turned up and it was a full house! Filled with so much laughter and cheering, the atmosphere was so encouraging. All the past crowned queens got to catch up with one another, selfies/wefies away, cheering from the bottom of the stage. 

Which contestant will walk away with the 4 subtitles for the night????? 

And the results are out.  Congratulations to the following ladies:

 Jolyn Ng - Miss Suoer Legs 2016
Jolene Ong - Miss Body Beautiful 2016
Diviya - Miss Eloquence 2016
Vanessa Peh - Miss Popularity 2016 + Miss Luxi 2016

Judges, sponsors and our subtitle winners on stage

The night was still young after the event ended. Several of us queens stayed back and continued on with the party, and members of the public were free to come in to the club afterwards. Had a great night with my fellow queens and the boys from Vintage Studio & Makeover Inc

Mama Angela, Siya, Myself, Apple, Karen, Cheryl, Hashiena and Vanessa Tiara

Abv: Rachel, Myself, Jeremy

It has been so long since I last went home so late from a party night. Long gone were the days where I could party till wee hours of the morning consecutively. But I guess it was because of good company that made me forget about time. hahaha! I guess the next time will probably be ...... after party of Msbp2016? hahahaha! We shall see about that. 

Do continue to support the ladies as the competition hasn't ended yet. Hashtag #MSBP2016 and #MissSingaporeReveals on Instagram to see more posts shared by contestants and committee. There are still a few more events to go before the Grand Finals on 26th August. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, do drop erm an email or call them, link here -> ERM World

Till the next time!