Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Korean Hair & Scalp Care [Sponsored]

Hello there, beautiful February! Lots of things to look forward to this February! Of course, we have our long-awaited for Chinese New Year! For me, i will be heading to Greece with my family and Z for our annual CNY hols! My family don't quite like to spend our chinese new year in Sg, so we make it a point to try and head overseas for a short getaway. 

Well, it seems like our cny hols isn't quite a short getaway. Last year, we went to London/Scotland. This year, we're heading to Greece/Santorini. I'm so excited for my upcoming trip bcos I planned the entire 11 days itinerary all by myself (proud moment). I will be blogging and vlogging my trip down, so keep an eye out for it yeah (judging by the rate i'm posting things, you'll probably see it 6 months later).

In lieu of chinese new year, even though i'm not spending it in Sg except for the first day, I still want to look fab! And that means visiting my hair salon once again! I last did my shorter hair cut + perms about 4 months ago, and surprisingly my curls are still intact! I was quite surprised when Su said that she didn't need to perm my hair again since the curls are still around. haha, well that shaved off some time sitting in the salon.... 

So for this time round, i did their Colour Clinic/Scalp Package, which includes scalp treatment + hair cut + hair dye (multiple subtle shades). Although the pictures don't quite seem that way, but my final hair colour has got several different shades! Alright, read on to find out more!

My hair grows ridiculously fast, and that's why i couldn't keep my bangs for long. They grew out within 3 weeks, and i had to sweep them aside afterwards. booo. Su recommended a similiar hairstyle to my previous one, which was a short shoulder length cut. She did it layered style this time round, mentioning layering is a hot trend now, coupled with wavy hair. 

First, i got my head treated with the scalp treatment. I have oily scalp, and i've always thought that people with oily scalp shouldn't wash their hair daily as it would cause more oil to secret out from the glands. Answer is NO! Su recommends those with oily scalp to wash everyday so as to keep your scalp clean and free from oil which can clog pores and cause hair fall. 
Thankfully, my hair is still growing healthily!

I love how cute the hair cover is... felt like a steaming bucket head for a moment there.... The steaming took about 10min which helps to open pores up and to absorb the goodness in the treatment cream. oooooooh. 

Next, i got my hair coloured! Su chose a pink brown shade for the most inner bottom layer of my hair, followed by purple brown for the middle layer and golden brown at the top. These layer colours are done in such a way to achieve the layered density look. The pink and purple brown isn't very noticeable, but if i stand under the sun and lift my hair up, i can actually see some shades of pink! Talk about CNY spirits, oh yeah im ready to welcome the new year. 

Finally, after washing and blow drying, i got my layered shoulder length hair cut. It was really quick but detailed. I only spent 1.5hrs in the salon this time? Super quick! I might try going for a much shorter haircut the next time... Should i? I was just telling Su that everytime i walk in the salon, i'd tell her i want to try a shorter hair, but then i'll end up backing out bcos im afraid! She would say okay we try the next time...................... but till today, the next time ain't here yet....


This photo below will show you a hint of my pink/purple brown hair dye if you look closely enough. Pardon the messy bun hair-do. My mom was actually admiring my hair when she spotted the colours and quickly snapped a photo for me. 

If you haven't gotten your hair done for the upcoming festive season, don't worry! Hair plus korean salon is open until 14 February with no CNY surcharge! Also, check out their Colour Clinic / Scalp Packages (i just did that for this hair session) for healthier and shiny locks! Visit their Facebook page for more details!

Have a blessed Chinese New Year everyone!


Wednesday, January 03, 2018

HAPPY 2018!

*throws confetti*

So 2017 went by, and 2018 is here. Wow, it's a brand new year once again! Hmm, what did I achieve in 2017? I think there's quite a fair bit which i did in 2017, made some major/drastic changes and decisions etc. I hope things will get better and smooth sailing in 2018, but life isn't always sweet, so i guess it's time to get ready for new challenges! 

Let me recap the past 2 months to close the year... 

My best friend/longest time ever friend got married to her crow, which we are all thankful for (she's bounded for life, ain't no one taking her away from you, YL). Being Glenda's maid-of-honour is basically just a cover for being a "high class maid" for her on her big day. hahaa jokes aside, it is my honour to be your maid-of-honour. To have seen you grow from an immature young kid to who you are today, i'm so happy to see you get married to a man whom i know will love you with all his heart. And to the groom (Yi Liang), thanks for being glenda's husband. good on you.  LOL.  Be nice to glenda (i know you always do), give in to her nonsensical qns and be a loving couple forever!  

After Glenda's wedding was over in November, it was time to welcome the joyous season of feasting! This year, i had not one, but 7 Christmas celebrations with friends and family!! Imagine all that feast inside my tummy.....

First Christmas celebration at Beer Xchange (all thy alcoholics), and ending the night with 2 Belvedere and Lychee liquor bottles at Get Juiced! 

Second Christmas celebration with the SUHC peeps at Ross's condo! Thanks for the invite guys, the meats were awesome as usual!!!!

Third Christmas celebration at Glenda + Yi Liang's crib with the wedding entourage, and an overdose of Absinthe......

Fourth Christmas celebration at Justin's crib.....

Fifth Christmas celebration with my family at le brother's place... featuring my cute niece!

Sixth Christmas celebration with my travel girls at Hangout and ending the night at WAN nightclub! 

Seventh Christmas/ End of Year celebration with my beloved UWR family! 

A year went by just like this....... Too fast to be true, but time waits for no man. I've set some personal goals to achieve this 2018, let's see if i managed to get any of them achieved by the end of this year! 
Hope y'all did some goal setting too. 

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. "


Friday, December 01, 2017

How to achieve an Effortlessly Chic look (ADV)

Hola readers! This post has been delayed by 2 months, but I have a good reason for it. If you're someone who is lazy to style your hair before heading out (just like me!), then you gotta read on this post to find out how to achieve a chic look without doing anything!

I last had my haircut on 20 Sep, which is about 2 months ago (sorry for the delay). If you are new to my blog, just to share with you that I have been a sponsored hair blogger with Hair Plus Korean Salon for the past ... 2 years? I'm not someone who changes their hairstyle/colour every month or so, I probably do it once every 3-4 months? If i'm busy, then my hair salon sees me probably twice a year. :/  Every time i head down to my salon, i don't really have any idea what to do with my hair, i just leave it up to my hair stylist, Su Kim, to decide what is in trend and recommended for my hair. So if you're like me, clueless about trending hairstyles and afraid that other stylist might ruin your locks, you know where to go now... :D

Today's hair session is going to be a mid shoulder cut, wavy perms, S curls to achieve this very effortless chic look for everyday use. Think of looks like the below images (credits: Pinterest)

3rd Batch Of Spreads Of Kang Dong Won & Song Hye Kyo From Vogue Korea’s September Issue + The Duo Cover Cine21′s No. 968 | Couch KimchiGARDENが提案する最新ヘアカタログkisum - ค้นหาด้วย Google                                                                                                                                                                                 MoreCelebrity Hairstyles japanese hairstyle hair japanese hairstyle | hairstyles-pin it from carden

Let's begin my hair session! Absolutely love having my hair washed by the delicate hands of the stylists/hair assistants. sooooo comfy i could fall asleep. After my hair wash, I had treatment cream on for about 15min to protect my hair for what's about to come next. & you get to see your head balloon up with the steamer behind. hahaha, it's always so hilarious looking. 

Next step: Chemical cream! This chemical cream is essential to get the perfect hair texture for the perming later on. Su left it on my hair for about 10min (average timing), but my hair wasn't quite ready for perming yet, so she left it on for another 10min. *the time for this step is not the same for everyone, it depends on your own hair's texture. I guess i have very stubborn hair? hoho. Finally it was ready to be washed off (fyi, there's a fair bit of washing hair in this hair session, so if you wanna get the same hair style, be ready to walk back and forth the hair wash basin). I then had a treatment spray applied on my hair and blown dry by 2 stylists (hehe). This last treatment spray is to protect your hair from any harmful chemical from the perming creams, so you still can have your healthy looking hair afterwards. (Y).

Next step: Snip snip snip! Su gave me a shoulder length layered cut. Apparently this layered hair look is trending in Korea now.. I recall when i was in secondary school, i would have like super layered hair, idk why maybe i thought it was cool and "in" thing to do. But it made tying my hair such a hassle! I had to pin heaps of clips on my head just to ensure that my hair isn't sticking out weirdly. hahaha. I quite like my layered hair, and till today, i dont think it's any hassle to tie my hair up. It doesn't fall out randomly, instead it falls around my shoulder giving me this volume look, like i did something awesome to my hair (but i actually didn't do anything)...

How does my hair look? 

Once the cut is done, Su applied perming cream and let it sit to curl. Since i'm doing S curls today for a wavy hairstyle look, the rotors placed on my hair are the slightly bigger ones at 24mm (to achieve bigger curls). Smaller rotors like 12mm are more suitable for smaller and tighter curls. I always loved bigger curls as it makes my head look more voluminous. The nature of my hair is quite flat, hence making me look like a flat head which i hateeeeeeee. But i think for normal perms, it's better to get smaller curls since they will open up over time. If you get big curls, over time, once those curls open up, you'd be left with no curls anymore....

After the perming cream has been washed off, i had another round of treatment before calling it a day. The thing i like about Hair Plus Korean Salon is that they don't just perm your hair and go; they care about your hair. They would treat your hair first, get the texture softened, making it easier to take on the shape that they are going to perm later. And not forgetting to finish off with treatment again so hair is not so damaged. Also, if your hair quality is bad, they won't recommend you to perm even if u wanted it.

Ta-daaaa, after x number of hours sitting at the salon, my new hair is ready to see the world!

The pros about this hairstyle, is that it makes it look so effortless without styling your hair. Whenever i'm out with my friends, they would ask if i had blown my hair or styled it before coming out, but in actual fact, i didn't even blow dry my hair. Just tousle and head out.
Effortless Chic; that's how i would call this.

Some photos to share with you guys on the updates of my hair looking till today. I will leave the month/week since i've gotten this hairstyle on 20th Sept. To note that all these photos are taken without any hair styling done to my hair. It was just a plain day where i head out without doing anything to it. *The only exception is the 30th September photo,where i curled my hair slightly with curling tongs. 

21 September (Day 1) 

30 September (10 Days)

18 October (1 Month)

27 October  (1 Month & 1 Week)

4 November (1 Month & 15 days)

25 November (2 Months & 5 Days)

I think it's time for another hairstyle change in the next few months? 
Stay tuned!