Monday, April 28, 2008


my fluffy says "BAAAAAAH"
fluffy is my new sheeeeeeeep! its so cuteeeeee. sadly, its on my book. haha. cause cause cause! i jsut bought this sheeeep notebook and this really cute book as well! the cute one got this 1 girl and 1 boy drinking milk!!! damn cute i tell u. bought them at page one @ vivo! u guys shld really go thr, they hav got like TONSSSSS of reallllyyy cuteeeeeeee notebooks, can use for writing noteeessss.muhaahah! im going to buy smmore. 1 for each subject ;DDDD

ohoh, i was late today to meet the guys. heh! not my fault, bus came so slow and it moved so slow as well. like less than 10sec, the traffic turned red agian. -.- wthhhh. and i was late for like 30min or so??? mygosh! i feel so bad. haha. late for lecture, realised lecturer like wearing the same shirt as me!!! mannnzzzzz... maths was horrendous, tcher taught some gaussin method(???) so friggin annoying cause we all dont udnerstand!!! and i cant stand it, cause i wanna know how to do it!!!! UGHHH!! tired tired tired. went for a little lunch with the guys at mensa. haha. little lunch. on the way out of tp, SOMEBODY by the name of johnson burst a balloon. and for those who know me, im terribly afraid of balloons, so i cried =x yeah, its been a long time since someone burst a balloon infront of my face and i cried. so paiseh... =/ hahhaa. evil johnson. yes, u look like an evil ninja turtle! HAHAHAHAHAH!

bused home with johnson, jon, weijie and stanley. bus uncle damn pro. he stopped halfway and shouted "anyone goin gikea?" nobody said anything so he presumed its a no and he drove off to a diff route, think its 72 route. ahah. uncle damn cool laaaa. den the journey damn fast... hahaha! everyone alighted at my busstop xcept jon. john went muay thai, stanley and weijie gg 74busstop, so they walked me home. MUAHHAAH!

okayy. tml meeting the usual 4 at tm interchange at 1115. meeting john and jon on bus at 1035? yuppp. i wont be late! mark my words(again) heh! okay, time for some picturessss!

this's the shirt i wore tday which was the same as the lecturer. and that's rooney's specs. HAHA!!

my precious 4inch tophop babies(:

darling ain and i! ehh, sunday!

during school orientation! met rebecca accidentally at teh toilet. ahha. my uob mate man!

last day of foc! ;DDD

loveee ann ann!

me! ann ann! denise! fdm01 loveeee


ain's sis, ain, me, sweeee, aizad! TOYRUS KIDS (xcept ain's sis. heh)!

BAHHH.miss you guys tonssss =/