Saturday, January 24, 2009

life is such a BITCH.

recently, my life has been revolving around projects and more projects. and forgo-ing my sleep man! fuck. lets see, the most recent and troublesome one is hcde project. wtf, we needa create 3D shit of which i attended only like 1/2 of the classes that teaches us how to do this project.
and i had to friggin stayover for 4D3N to finish my part on this project, out of which 2 days were without sleep, and the remaining day i had like 2hrs of sleep?? yeah, this project cost me alot! its the first project i did staying over for so many days and working so damn bloody hard on it cus i knew nothing in the beginning. its starting from scratch.
oh and thanks pauline for your hard work.

and its becoming a habit for me to sleep late. which is not a good sign.

anyway, chinese new year is approaching! but i havent been spending time with my family. its all about projects and all. life is so stressssssinggggg u knowwww. i've got like a million and one things to do, some personal some compulsory, and im packing my schedule like mad. i hope you guys can understand it.
during cny week and the next, there's like lab test, quizzes and main exams the following week. FUCCCCCCKKK! i gotta study real hard for this exams, cus it means alot to me. if u guys did read my blog and follow up, you'll know why i need to score well so badly. it concerns my near future. so its llike MULTIPLE STRESS!

firstly, during main exams week, i've got mascot duty for Dnd (dinner and dance) almost everyday.
secondly, i've got my artiste school programs
thirdly, i've got projects to do and datelines to abide to
fourthly, i've got to study and revise soon
fifthly, my organiser is getting filled up.
fucking hell.

okay about today! had class, talked to ruixing & weijie bout stuff and muay thai. cus baby wants to learn. then went for make up lec, but we sorta spent most of our time playing with face detector camera.LOL. ran over to design lounge for mascot duty(to change into costume, do hair and makeup). did mascot duty. changed out, had meeting in SU lounge. went mensa for my only break! left school to dye my hair. HAHA! i just dyed it light titian blonde. fyi im not blonde okay! then, came back school to support tp rugby against NUS. halfway poh's contacts dropped and he asked me to put a new pair for him. badd damn amused by the fact that my actions were damn bimbo when the wind blew the contacts off my fingrs. idiotttttt.
but anyway great job today tp ruggers! happy steamboating at bugis :D

tomorrow's artiste program. B's having sentosa outing, so wont be meeting him as well.
sunday's piano class and tuan yuan fan. gotta go gran's place after piano
monday and tuesday's HOLIDAYYYY!
etc etc.

okay, im very tired already. its 230am. time for bed. toodles!