Saturday, April 18, 2009

im so damn tired! been out a whole week for camp. week zero orientation to be exact. everything was alright, bonded with my freshie class, N902 and i swear they are an awesome class. thank you every single one of you guys for making week zero a successful and memorable one for all of us. im sure u guys are going to see us often in school. dont forget to say hi, yeah? (:

school's starting soon, and i'll be in YEAR2! yeah yeah one more year to go and i can officially say im a tpgraduate! :D still got quite a long way to go la. i gotta work hard this sem, i cant afford for my gpa to drop below 3. tsk, time to pull up my socks man! just go my timetable, actually quite alright leh. its better than my previous sem timetable. at least this time round i start class late on mon and tues; 12pm and 2pm respectively. MUHAHAHAHA!
but i end late as well, llike 7pm? haha.

on the other hand, i've decided to continue with cheerleading, meaning training will resume for me on monday. i've talked to my parents and baby about it. i hope you guys will support wholeheartedly, for i will need my loved ones' support. :) thanks baby for accepting. training will be on mon, tues and thurs, and im left with wed,fri and sat for my baby and friends. okay, quite tight. but im sur we'll be able to work things out:) besides, baby's going army soon, i guess.
awwww, i'll miss him so. =/

anyway anyway, do check out !!! i just started modelling for privtecloset, and they really do have nice clothes! im serious, you guys should check out the new collection coming up. i've got some personal favourites in it too. do check it out! you guys wont regret what you're buying, trust me. and everything's imported overseas and hand carried back! definitely worth the buy :) go go go! support private closet! :D
loveeeeee you allllll.

sorry for all the bad/wrong things
i love you baby.