Tuesday, September 15, 2009

joke of the day: today, dork did a real stupid thing. she wanted to try on this wig, it had a huge clip that you can clip to yr hair. dork dumbly clipped that huge clip onto her ear instead. HAHAHAHA!

i had a great day with clique tday. no one can brighten up my day as good as they can :) awwwww. went for casting in the morning, met dork at orchard, had lunch and began our shopping spreeeeee. :D i bought bag, shoes and dress :D :D heh heh. then we started becoming realllll lame, which is our forte. made fun of ppl, which is also our forte. HAHA! the newspaper stand aunty in lady gaga outfit. LOL! ohgosh, so grosssss. pokerrrrrrfaceeeee. haha!
after shopping, we went wisma's starbucks to chillllll. our next two outings shall be picnic at dork's newly found secluded park, and movie marathon+stayover at my place(pj with boxers dress code required. camwhore is a must, so paddy u better come with a decent pair of boxers or i will fb tag yr P)!!! :B
then dork and i "bought" our hallowen cookie and surprised paddy at her workplace. haha, hope u liked our first-day-of-work-gift. haha! stupid idiot, we waited for her at her workplace for god knows how long. i bet ppl there thought dork and i were paparazzi luhhh, hiding in every corner. but actually dont need to hide, paddy walked right past us twice without even noticing our biggggg bodily presence there. -.- how COCKEYE u are, or maybe its just yr fringe. HAHAHA! so paddy knock off from work, and we went fep to buy stuff. sent dork off in cab and we went to source for fooood again. well, im a hungry kid. then we walked to ps, bought cheesecake(for my breakfast) and home bound :)
i love cliqueeeeee. awwwwwwwwwwwww.

update on ytd.... had meeting in the morning with sports club. went for an emo hardcore swim at 1230. i swam all the way until 2pm, non stop freestyle. haha. imagine how tired my arms were. met vincent at bugis for lunch and i got a treat from him :) walked around, waited for the rest of the 8 ppl to come. was contemplating whether to watch movie or shisha. at last, we decided to stick with the original plan and go shisha. had truth or dare game and the funny, entertaining,hardcore dare games. HAHAHA! secretttttt.
mom was quite pissed i came home late. whoooopsy.

tml gonna go out with jinxian, my UAN mate :) then, going clubbing at night with him & frens, and my other frens as well. woooohh, tml butter's gonna be packed with friends! i like(: and alcohol is going to burn me again. hahaha.

i wanna go gym soon. i wanna gym with paddy. both she and i wants to build up our skinny scrawny arms. HAHA. but we cant go each other's schools to gym man. maybe i borrow someone's matric/student card. heh heh.
kayyyy, off to bathe, resize photos, watch gossip girl AGAIN.
nightynights world.

im contemplating to get another piercing, or tattoo! but air stewarding is holding me back! :(

is there another truth
beneath the smile i hold everyday?
i don't know anymore,
for there is no reason.
i have so much to say,
only to the one right person.
As much as i do miss you,
i miss your mum dearly.
i dread the thought that i wont see her again
i think im better off writing everything down,
somewhere private.
maybe one day you'll get to see it.