Saturday, February 13, 2010

im supposed to be studying......
turns out my lappy is more interesting.

okay, i met the guys at 11 plus ytd? the rest had school so it was just mel tan, vincent and myself. dom booked out and joined us later. had HK cafe for lunch and went far east to find my clothes. hurhurhur. the guys felt so weird to step into a girl's store so they all stood outside while i picked my clothes. hahaa.

this is melvin! my buddy :D

he can be gay too, when he dons on my pretty bracelet....

mel happily snapped this picture cus my pork ribs dropped onto the table -.-

left them soon after... like after samantha reached... and and and i officially set foot into Resorts World!!! :D and i saw 2 of my friends working there. hahha! inspired me to work in USS. hurhurhur.

AWESOME CHOCOLATE WORLD!!! & i got a GIANT hershey's bar :)

left RWS in the evening. went over to Marché for dinner. ohgodddd, we had so much food! and couldn't finish it...

then went back Sentosa at 840pm for Songs of the Sea show. my first time watching it! hahaha! i know, quite noobzzz of me to watch it only now. -.-

met paddy at 10plus.. had some small drinks and talkeeeedd, did some catching up. :D haha bitchy me in the past. im less bitchy now!
im at granny's place now, parents cooking for the reunion dinner later, and im busy using the com, watching videos, and munching on ba kwa. HURHURHUR!