Saturday, March 13, 2010

Piano exams was umm rather okay lahhh. im just scared that i wont pass, cus i think my tcher mentioned that the passing mark is 75/100 (??), and i counted my paper like max i can get is 70/100 ?? shit man, please please let me pass...
okay next up is my piano practical which is on 26th march. now there's this tiny problem. 25th is Dnd, and usually after Dnd we'll all go clubbing. confirm oneeeeee. and my practical is the next day. crappppp!!! nooo i wanna go clubbbbbinggggg. *prays that practical is in the late afternoon*

i got my iPhone today! (: gonna get my bright and nice orange cover and reflective screen protector tml. teehee! speaking of which, i've been using my iTouch since sec4 man! & im using iPhone now, im really not sick of the I technology hurrrrr. haha.

tonight we're gna surprise bro with birthday cakeeee! his bday is on monday, but we're celebrating tonight. anw we dont really CELEBRATE it, just get him cake. its the same thing for me as well. haha, cus we're like grown up and all. anyhowwwwss,

everyone is falling out of love.
why is it so hard to initiate one, sustain and love each other?
why are there so many out there feeling the same way?
tell me why?!?!?!?!?!
how come people have no problem lasting 7years etc and we people nowadays have problems going past 1.

lets all not be seeker for love stories anymore,
they're just heart breakers.
Period with a captial (P).