Saturday, October 09, 2010

its been superrrrrrrr long since i gave a proper update. my apologies everyone. ive been super busy everyday.

alright, lets see.. the F1 weekend came and passed real quick. 3 weeks worth of training with the girls, we all bonded and helped one another out whenever we can. F1 day arrived, all of us were jittery with excitement. we gathered infront of Singtel building, and Hippo tour bus brought us into the F1 village. We arrived at our own Grid Girl tentage! fully airconditioned, and full force of make up & hair artists ready, waiting. we had 2 guys, who served as our "nanny", cleaning our food packet after us, cleaning our boots, giving us tissue and water when we were on the track. we had a few rehearsals on the track, and one race to do before the real race. 

my grid was Trulli! its super awesome to see the car drive right up to you and park infront of u. then the driver comes out, and the mechanics rush in to do last checks and change the tire and controller. then the team manager hands the driver his new head mask and helmet and there he goes back inside the car. i tell you, its super super awesome to be seeing all that in action. words cant describe it enough.

my lovely girls. sherine & ivy (:

 mellleeeeeee and myself! (:

and this is how our humble tentage looks like.

and us on the track! im somewhere inside. hahahah

next moving on to
Haikel's bday!

after F1 ended, i rushed down to cityhall and got him a small slice of cake and went down his place to surprise him! (: it was his 20th bday and though i reached his place at 1am, he was really happy to see me there. eh i braved through a flying cockroach attack okay! i was so terrified stiff outside his house. hahaha!

the next day, i woke up early to prepare a feast for him. we're going PICNIC. told him i was going back to sleep but actual fact, i woke up at like 9plus to prepare. BUT, u know what a cooking klutz i am, it resulted in a kitchen disaster. HAHAHA! lucky dork gave me some tips. thanks love, u're my life saviour! 
so i told him to get to barrage, when i cabbed there to prepare everything. here's some photooooos.

happy 20th baby! (:
 my hand made birthday card for him and his present; a Bvlgari cologne.
thankyouuuu kori & cindy for helping me choose (:

 oh he loves to disturb me.
and awwwww, two black couple tgt. :D im golden, he's black! MUAHAHA

i guess these two are the major events in my life that has passed... been really busy with my life lately. working at wavehouse, rushing to school for triathlon training, and wakeboarding! (:

and for now, i guess this will be my last blog post for awhile. im flying off to Hongkong with Cindy and Corinne tml. that cindy made a mistake... she told me flight is at 5pm tml. turns out, our flight is at 1pm. and we gotta be at airport at 11am tml. so im gna go for my piano class from 9-10am, and rush down to airport. HAHA! and guess what, i havent packed my luggage yet. 8 DAYS WORTH OF STUFF!!! im bound to forget something. HAHAHA!
shall start packing later. hahaha. im so excited for HK! 8 days of shopping and pure fun! wooohooooo! 

dont miss me everyone! i'll be back on the 18th! (: