Monday, October 25, 2010

HONGKONG TRIP 2010! Part 1

Day 1
i had my piano lessons in the morning, then rushed down to pick cindy and off to airport. but its like until 2hrs before then we'll know if our flight is still on or not. so all of us were praying that flight is not cancelled. super lucky for us, ALL of the flights to HK/Macau were cancelled (due to the lack of tiger airways air crew) except OURS!! wooohooo! so we checked in and bid farewell to our dearests.
dearest family came to send me offfff :D

oh, then rightttttt, we found out that for budget airlines, u gotta walk up to the plane itself. haha pretty cool for first timers like me taking budget (WHICH I SWEAR I WILL NEVER TAKE AGAIN).

tadaaaaa! Korine, Cindy, and myself! successfully ran onboard the plane, cus it was last call when we were boarding. heh heh.

3-4hrs later, we touched down at HK! reached at 545pm.

my luggage is the largest! HAHAHAHA!

met shean (korine's childhood friend) and her dad (korine dad's gooood friend)! they played host to us during our stay in HK. really glad to have them with us (: 

First, we took an airport bus out of the airport area, then we took MTR. MTR is like our singapore MRT. hahaa. the train journey i swear, damn freaking long! we changed like 3 lines, from Tung Chung to Lai King, then to Prince edward, then to Kwun Tong. the distance was like from jurong to hougang! and we had our luggages with us! holy cow!

look at the difference in cindy and my luggages! HAHHAA! 

it looks like a SG train right!!! hahaa

finallyyyyy we reached korine's place at kwun tong. placed our luggages down and we went for a freaking 10 course dinner with her relatives. bought HK sim card afterwards, called dearest baby and my family. then cindy and i decided to prank call cherie, peishan and jon! and they believed our lies! HAHAHA! 

aft this, cindy and i got back home and we finished a huge can of cottage fries! gosh, we really ARE gluttons!

Day 2
rise and shine at 730am, for cindy. 8am for me. cindy takes a longer time to prepare, so she has to wake up earlier. HAHAHA!  dimsum with granny at the restaurant opp our house. 
Left: some fried glutinnous ball. Right: chestnut cake, yam cake, carrot cake

i forgot the name. and porridge

SIEW MAI'S MY FAVOURITEEEEE!! i had that every meal there. hehehe!

breakfast was damn filling.. we had hakau, siewmai, custard bao, carrot cake, yam cake, chestnut cake, porridge, glutinnous rice ball. on top of that, i ordered another luo of siewmai cus i wasn't full! HOHOHO! 

went back home to rest awhile, and off we went to APM! its the shopping mall beside the MTR at our house area. had mango pomelo sago. i swear, its soooo much better than SG!

after dessert, left for Mongkok at 2pm! YAAAHOOOO!

headed to Ladies Market first. its like all street stalls, like pasar malam kind. the whole place looks like chinatown, seriously! they sell amost the same things; iphone covers, PJs, soccer jersey, china fans & drawings, few clothes etc. and and the price was ABSURD!!! they anyhow chop tourists. 
tskkk! but i still managed to get some iphone covers and chargers at a cheap price (:

met shean at Ladies Market, went to another shopping mall in the area. she brought us to this small store which sells cheap cold noodles. and u can like choose the ingredients u like (up to 4 max), then they'll mix it up for u and add in sauce and all. tastes really nice! :)

our cold noodle packet! (:

greedy cindy and i had Gelato afterwards. hahaa its omggg so muchhh cheaper than SG!!

afterwards, shopped awhile in the shopping mall. then met shean's father and he brought us to the Mongkok streets to buy our poloraids films and my SD card. woohooo, its cheaper than SG. hahaha! cindy was contemplating to buy the camera or not, BUT, in the end she gave the idea up for fear of not enough cash to spend. 

had HK milk tea! its nicer than SG, cus its not sweet at all! hahaha. its like the zhen zhong kind, original.

soooo actually after this, we were supposed to go for dinner or sth. but korine told us that her family wanted her for dinner... sooo she ditched us! HAHAHA! cindy and i explored the remaining of Mongkok ourselves. felt so lost everywhere, but thanks to me, a wonderful map reader, we weren't lost at all.. 

this fried sotong/squid/octopus damn nice, BUT SUPER SALTY TOO! aahahaa

we bought our own dinner at the street side snacks and explored aroundddddd. felt accomplished at the end of the day! woohooo!

cindy would prolly kill me if she sees this. this shows how tired we are aft a day of shoppinggggg.

and they have this cute machine selling brollys! 

Day 3
woke up early as usual for dimsum breakfast..
more food for this day! new addition of xiaolongbao, and some yellowish thing. 
and and we even had mango pudding as dessert. yes its only breakfast. i realize HK ppl like condensed milk. even the pudding is in condensed milk. hahaa!

today, our tourguide isssss MANDY! korine's cousin (: she brought us to Lai Chi Fook. there's this wholesale centre for shopping. and its a dammmmn long stretch! its the kind of place where the blogshop owners will go source for clothings. some shops there dont even sell individual, only in bulk or orders. :( saw some really pretty tops and heels, but only bulk :( dannnnng!

oh there's this new condo coming up. HAHA! reminds me so much of my IRDD project last sem :/

we were soooo busy shopping, we forgot to take photos of the place. hahaha! then, we had late lunch! dined at this cafe inside the wholesale centre

and that's mandy in pink! :)

we left in the late afternoon, went back to Mongkok. this time we went to H&M! its the most famous place in HK for shopping! its like topshop in SG. they sell almost similar stuff as topshop. bought quite alot of stuff there! ended at 6pm, walked over to this cosmetics and perfume shop, which was like FREAKING FAR! 
i bought CK perfume for my bro there! damn nice smell, and best part of all, i can use it as well! hohoho

went home for dinner cus granny cooked and she asked us come home for dinner. she cooked lottttts of rice, and korine & cindy dont want to eat alot, so i had to comb everything into my bowl. UGHH. hate rice, yet no choice, have to finish up or granny wouldn't be happppy.

oh and granny has this collection of tissue packet in her drawer! LOOK AT HOW MANY PACKETS THAT IS! they give 1 free packet with every newspaper u buy. so gran buys newspaper every morning and she keeps the tissue here. HAHA! so cute rightttttt!

i webcammed with baby afterwards! haaaaahaaaaa. then HTHT with cindy while falling asleep. haha. realized both our boyfriends are quite very similar. hmmmmm. 

Day 4
late waking up day for cindy and i! korine and granny had yumcha with relatives, so the two of us were left at home. prepared on our own and left house. we tried the mac breakfast downstairs!
they have macaronis as breakfast set! 

met korine at 12 at train stn, trained down to Tsim Sha Tsui for Avenue of Stars! 

lucky for us, there's a good map reader (ME ME ME), who guided us to the correct places! wooohooo

passed by the Hongkong Space Museum, but it was filled with ppl, so nahhh we gave it a miss...

ANNNND, taddaaaaa,
AVENUE OF STARS! (xin guang da dao!)

too many photos, so i just randomly compiled them

 Jacky Cheung!
Aaron Kwok!

after a tiring sweaty day of walking the avenue of stars...

and their super cute rubbish collector

had a short break at starbucks.

walked over to 1881 heritage! took hell lots of photos as well.

a wedding photography session spotted! :D

hahah! awesomely cute me!

cabbed down to granville road, which is another shopping street.  saw this shop opening, with the models dressing up as super heros! and there were hell lots of photographers and media surrounding the shop. one guy infront of me used his iphone and like zoomed in to her boobs! wtf. 

tried another shop's hk milk tea. this time i decided to be adventurous and tried milk tea with oolong tea. i swear, its the GROSSEST drink ever. it tastes likeeeeee sweet seaweed. -.-

they're crabs! at first sight i thought it was dumplings. hahaa!

met Shean's dad, and he brought us to this restaurant, and got the other family members to come. anddddd we had shabu shabu for dinner (:

i wonder which girl is named DOUBLE! hahahahaha

their beer is niceeeee and cheap! as in when its sold outside, its cheap. 

we ate  steamboard for like 2hrsplus-3hrs! left at 1130pm. zomg! on the way back, 3 guys came like damn close to me. blaaaaaaaaaahhh. sth happened, but nth major. KNNCCB! 
okay so like by the time we reached back our house train stn, it was past midnight. saw gang fight outisde the circle K shop(its like 7-11). unfortunately, the gang members saw us. so while we were in the shop, one guy with full chest tattoo came into the shop. he bought his things, walked one round, look at cindy and myself (who were hiding at the drinks section, pretending to buy drinks), den walk out. korine came to us and said its obvious he was looking for us. cus the way we dress, we look like foreigners. -.- righttttt, so we were naturally scared stiff luhhhh. korine called granny, while we waited in the shop. awhile later, the same guy came in again. this time he didn't buy anything, just came in and walk ard, stare at us, and idk do what, and he left. shortly, granny came and we followed her up. 
thennnn, we saw the whole gang sitting at the badminton court beside our block, with 2 huskys with them. greeeaaatttt, all eyes on us as we walked. granny said they live the same block as us. WOW, that's such a relief mannnn, NOT. 

OKAY this is the end of part 1 of hongkong! stay tuned for part 2 of hongkong trip! hope you guys enjoyed my super detailed trip posting (:

time for bed. tomorrow's first day of school. dannnnng, hate schooool. goodnight all! (: