Saturday, December 18, 2010


last night marked the end of 3 week series of 100plus launch of new mixer event at Stjames TNP sports bar. phewwwww! finally! i've been heading down every fri to Stjames be it rain or shine. haha! finallllyy, its over! photos of the event will be up on fb, and TNP (most likely on fri)! watch out for my face! hahahaa! so my entire night went like this..

went to work at wavehouse in the morning until 6pm. bathed, changed, met shermain at vivo! went to search for my hollywood tape, but to no avail. 

soooo as we were damn early, we camwhored. this was our initial clothes that we were supposed to wear for the hiphop night theme at 100plus event. yessss i know,the girls dresses are clubbing dress, no hiphop at all .HAHAH!

then both of us changed into the low cut back dress..

headed down t zouk with jeff and his friends all aft we ended work at stjames. went to find jess and my usual clique when i got my entry. i damn heng srsly. first, i made a new fren, jeff's fren, she can sign me in on her guestlist. then when reached there, i found out her guestlist only can go zouk. so second, i saw malvyn in the citibank queue which was quite near the front. so i just cut inside. then when it was going to be my turn, the door bitch said they've reached the quota so girls pay 30, guys pay 35. then the third lucky encounter is, i bumped into marcus, he used manhattan to go in and at that time still got manhattan (11plus alr), so i asked him isit foc? can go everywhere? he said ya, and i took out my manhattan. PHEW, AND I DIDN'T NEED TO PAY A SINGLE CENT. phew phew phew. 3 lucky encounters. hohoho!

 jess, junru, myself, wendy(cel's fren), cel, cherie!
and with the bitch slut. hahahaha!
went outside to find the guys who were drinking.. laaaaalaaaaa. hanged ard for awhile. then went back in phuture. OMG I SWEAR ITS THE MOST PACKED NIGHT EVER. a group of drunk girls infront of me, a drunk guy behind me, butts pushing everywhere. goshhh, what can get worse! phuture so packed it was closed from the zouk entry side. tsktsk. i came out after awhile. went to zouk, find jianhuang! HAHAHA! went to zouk dancefloor. -.- the music is like tehh teehhh tehhhh dii dii diiii. 

took a photo with Mr Noob. HAHAHA! 
finding him wasn't easy in the club. we went to like 2 diff locations when we thought it was the same. i swear, im a direction idiot. 

sooo todayy, i mean like laterrrr, IM GETTING MY DSLR!!! 
my dad's finally bringing me to buy it lateerrrrzzzzz. then gna go town to shop & chillzxzxz and wanling's bday party at night! gotta go hunt for a present for her later. hahaha. zzzzz. okay i think i just got an idea what to get for her. hurhurhur! 
byebye everyone! shall take tons of photos at the party. and i shall bring my new bagzxzxz out later. feel like spending tday. TSK! JASMINE CHYE U SHOULDN'T.