Friday, January 07, 2011

An Apology

Dear Diary,
Im really sorry i haven't been updating you for quite some time. Im really caught up with work and everything else that i dont have time to talk to you. This period of time from after the NY countdown was a very stressed period as i battled with my inner emotions and thoughts every night. This post is for a special someone whom i've hurt deeply. Im sorry for all the misery i've caused you and i hope everything will go smoothly for you from now onwards. I guess its a wrong choice for you to have met me & for us to get together. Well, now that this chapter between us has closed, its time to take a break as well. I shall concentrate on my school stuff, work, studies, friends, modelling stuff and aim for the Switzerland uni i've been wanting to go. Maybe its a good thing that im leaving, maybe lesser people will be hurt in that way.
Good luck to you in your future endeavours.