Sunday, January 16, 2011

Synergy Adventure Race 2011

sorry for the lack of updates once again! im still suffering muscle aches all over as im typing this. haha, you know why? cause of the race i participated on saturday. it was the Synergy Adventure Race, organized by NYP. an invitational race that was sent to all polys. so i participated in this race together with 2 of my fellow triathlon mates, Joshua & Weikiat. TP sent 5 teams in, 1 from triathlon, 2 from kayakracing and 2 from ELF. 

so let our journey begin..........

first, we were given an ostrich egg to take care of, and to decorate it.....

after decorating egg, we sat down and planned how to protect our eggs

thennnn, checked in our extra belongings that we wont be carrying during the race 

and photo taaaakkkkiinnnggg! Team 06, Temasek Team 1. (:

 Teams 6,7,8! TP TRI & KRT FTW!

And the race commences....

first stop! school bus fetched us to Jurong Bird Park!

there, we had to choose 1 coloured route out of the 4 and complete the 3 tasks as indicated. everyone could do the first 23, BUT, the 4th task was a damn fucking retarded task. all of us had to find 1 our of 2 symbols to trace over. the thing is, these 2 symbol are only INSIDE one location; The African Waterfall. its fuckkking hard to find, cus none of the staffs know the existance of this symbol. cus its like African Waterfall has its own symbol, and its not the one we are supposed to find. it in INSIDE the waterfall, then we will see THAT symbol. and there's only 1 of each there. side by side. everyone had a damn damn tough time searching for it... like aft 15min, 1 group shouted, INSIDE INSIDE. so those who were nearby knew where to go. my team was lucky to be in the area and we went to check it out. then i spotted the symbol and we traced it and ran out already. Otw, we saw bryan barney's team and we told them as well. but poor josh's team wasn't in sight, and they were stuck for a VERY LONG TIME.


(photos are of josh's group. i didn't take photos, too busy running in my race)
after we got our clues, our next station was to go Jurong Lake. BY FOOT ONLY. when we left JBP, we were the 1st team and we damn high! hahaha! ran all the way to Jurong Lake. cut across muddy fields, had our socks and shoes soaked with mud which squished mud out every step we took. hahaha damn gross! and the run was veryyyy longggggg!

so when we finally reached, we were quite behind, cus we ran to the wrong side of jurong lake. HAHAHA. supposed to go Water Venture but we went to the end of the golf course. -.- so anywayyyy, as from the photo i guess u know what's our next task. yesssss, kayak! 1 guy and 1 girl, so i was the girl obviously... i swear it was damn tiring... weikiat and i chiong all the way, i could feel the kayak rocking and we almost capsized! but nevertheless, we overtook 2 teams while kayaking. (Y)


 after Jurong Lake, we had to run to chinese garden and climb the 7 storey pagoda tower to do a "read the bearings" task! its like we gotta stand infront of a photo and read the bearings of a subjected building from the compass we have, and write it down on the paper given. then, we have to run down 7 storeys to check with the officials if it is right or not. if its wrong, we gotta climb up and re do again. lucky for us, we got it right. heeeeheeee! 

so off we go to our 5th checkpoint. From chinese garden, we took a train to Jurong East, then run past IMM, and towards TohGuan Enterprise. freakingggg farrrrrr! there, we did rockclimbing as our next task. thanks to Weikiat, the station was done swiftly. 

collected our clue, took bus back to Jurong East, and boarded bus 78 to Pandan Reservoir. task there was to tie our legs tgt and walk through an obstacle course WITH a spoon full of water. task is to complete the obstacle course without spilling the water below the 3/4 line. hahaha damn tedious!! some group repeated the task 3 times cus their water was below the water level... damn poor thing!

Next station, we had to run to commonwealth sec sch. there, we had to fix a puzzle like thissssssss.

run to Kentridge sec sch now. task was to do Juma and abseiling. one person do the juma and the other 2 hold the rop below for the guy to climb up. haha. left photo is juma, right photo is abseiling.

run to west coast park from kentridge! navigation skills are verrrryyy important in this race! got there tgt with barney's group... the task was quite retarded. we were given this long strip of sponge and we had to place a tennis ball on it and fling it across for 1 of our teammate to catch it. joshua and i flung the tennis ball, and it simply dropped beside us, it didn't even fly! HAHAHAHA! super hilarious! we flung the 2nd time, and surprisingly it flew across well and weikiat caught it. HAHA! and we were doneeeeee. at that point of time, we were the 1st team to arrive. (YY)

next station was like at the other end of west coast park. wtffff srsly! made us run ard like some mad dogs. over there, we got stopped for quite some time. it was a colour code memory game. there were 81 boxes with diff colours. we had to memorize all of them and place the correct colours in the correct boxes over at another side. so we had to run to a field to read the colour code, and run back to the "check in" area to put the colour codes accordingly. then run back to field to memorize and run back again. back and forth back and forth. finally we were done with 81 boxes, and WE GOT IT WRONG!!!! so we had to requeue for our turn again..... we got our chance again and we did it properly! by then, 4 teams left already.

we had to run back to the start of west coast park for this station.we had to construct a makeshift compass. idk why but we could do it really fast when other teams took quite some time. HAHA! 

Run to hawparvilla. WTS! it was realllyyy realllyyy farrrrrr! made it there eventually. task was to search for the photos given to us and solve 10 riddles accordingly. Once again, the last photo really dragged us back. but we completed it.. and some of the teams left already.
after this, it was a race to the FINISH LINE.

and we did it! (:


 the ostrich eggs we had to protect with our lives..... AND MY NEW OAKLEYS. (i wish) hahaha!
 Macs was the food sponsor. buttttt the McChicken has no sauce, no veges in it, its just a plain chicken patty with 2 burger buns :/

josh doesn't want to be pictured eating fast food! HAHAHA!

it started pouringgggg heavilyyyy.. and we made use of the grass patch thats filled with rain water to wash our super muddy shoes! HAHAHHA!

TAAADAAAA!! nice clean shoes! :D :D :D
 champion team (Barney, bryan and josephine) and 1st runner up team (us!)  (:

and the prize presentation ceremony..... hahaha! quite a blurry photo, cus we weren't looking at josh's camera at all.... we were looking at the NYP photographers camera instead. hohoho!

thanks guys for giving me such an unforgettable race. it was good racing with you guys, definitely bonded us tgt! we shall compete again yeaaaa! :D
now we have 1000 pull ups to slowly pay off for not getting champions!! :/ every thurs after training, pull up bars, lets go!

time to get back to projecttttttt. have been working on project for my entire sunday! what a Sunday..... but its okay, for the sake of my grades, its worth it. hahaha! back to projecttttt!
oh oh and i willll blog about my Macau trip soooon! teeeheeee! 
&&& i reallyyyy hope to go paintball on 29,30th jan! *cross fingers and pray it will happen*