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HOLAAAA! its updating time! school has been reallllll busy! i'll update this space as and when im free. :)

17 July (Sunday)
it was a beautiful Sunday and since we had nth to do, no class, no kitchen duty, we made a trip down to Leura Mall for a visit. Leura is the nearest place to our school, ard 10min drive away. Its a small area, nth much to see actually. but there's quite a few nice eating places :)

love this shop and all the fine stationery

this was where we had our lunch :)

yimin and myself :)

HAHA! seat for bored husbands..

ym, kenny, and myself


and this is our school 

18 July (Monday)
you know how everyone's talking about Harry Potter, and i was so upset cus i couldn't catch it before i came to sydney... BUT! there's this Edge cinema here at Katoomba with a hugeass screen (6storey high)! muahahaha! so the group of us headed down to catch Harry Potter on a monday night after our classes ended. 

these are my batch mates, but there's more who didn't come for movie

22 July (Friday)

it was a significant night, as it was the FIRST SCHOOL PARTY OF THE TERM! yay! all of us headed down to the Leura Golf Course for the party, and the theme was Corporate Hoes and CEOS. though there were quite some who were spontaneous to dress in sexy corporate, we didn't have the guts to do so. LOL! so we turned up in CEO attire. hahaha! here's photos of the party. 

I love the school and the super awesome people around :D

23 July (Saturday)

Next morning, we woke up in a rush and booked our hostel in Sydney, and dragged our luggage to the train station. 2hrs later, VIOLAAAA, we're in sydney! went to meet diana who flew in from SG! wooohoooo, i missed her so much man! when she came to sydney, it reminded me so much of our taiwan trip earlier this year.

diana and myself! 

we shopped like mad! spent quite an amount, and kenny was bored to death cus there wasn't much guys stuff. ahhaaha. and finally, we went to have our 'lunch' at 4pm. hurhur, poor kenny, waiting for all of us to finish our shopping at Market City. 

Market City!

explored around Pitt Street, Oxford Street etc. met Natalie, her mum, and Kee for dinner at korean restaurant. Nat and Kee are from SG as well. Nat just started school at University of Sydney and Kee has been studying in sydney for 2years? yeah. 

yimin, myself, nat, and nat's mum

kenny, diana, and kee

after dinner, kee brought us to chinatown for this awesome bakery treat. the egg tarts were awesomeeeeeee! 

all of us headed back to our individual hostels to wash up and prepare for our clubbing night. hahaha! 

as usual, we were late to meet. hahaha! typical girls. walked over to Home nightclub at Darling Harbour, and that's where all our adventures started...

the exterior of Home nightclub reminds me a lil of Butter Factory back in sg. haha

such a cute smiley club entrance chop

okay, i think my fringe is getting longggggggg. hahaha! 
this guy photobombed my photo! and he asked to see the photo

so halfway through, like around 12midnight, we had a guest DJ! and we had no idea she was spinning there at that night. there wasn't any notice outside the club or whatsoever, plus the cover charge was normal price. 
and the guest DJ is HAVANNA BROWN!!!!

she's like the No.1 DJ in australia. the first  female DJ to have sign a major record label, and boy is she HAWWWWTTTT!!! 

 the night was really awesome! but it was made EVEN MORE AWESOME when we had a guest star appearance by JASON DERULO!!!! 
omggggggggggg the whole crowd went crazyyyyy! Jason Derulo just ended his world tour concert and i think he decided to show up here at the club for fun. hahaha! he performed 1 song; Dont wanna go home, and Havana Brown spinned the song for him. omggggzxzxzx, mega awesome night!!!!!

IT WAS THE BEST CLUBBING NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!! totally awesomeeeeee! 

this song by Havana Brown is sooooo awesome! im in love with it. hahaha.

left the club at 3plus or 4 cus my poor knee couldn't take it anymore, it was so painfullllll. and im so tired! so we cabbed back to our hostels and had a great night sleeeeep. woke up the next morning and met nat & mum for more exploring of sydney. 

along the way, we saw reallllyyyy cute and pretty cupcakes! omgoshhh, they were like sooo cute! and expensive too. hahaa!

and we saw the opera house again, but this time from a different side. hahahaa!

went to The Rocks. its like a weekend market thingggggg. something like flea market, but not exactly like that. and not like a wet market either. so yeah. hahahaa! 

and moreeeeee cupcakes! this time we bought one to try. super nice! :D

check this out! kangeroo balls. HAHA!

and sack.

Lunch was gooood! Kenny eats realllyyyy slow seriously! 

parted with Nat & her mum cus they were going to manly beach and we didn't have enough time to go with them cus we gotta get back to school by 4pm. so we explored around Westfield Shopping centre. didn't hav much time there so we decided to leave and come back another day to shop. took train back to school, and had our respective group meetings. 

today's a saturday, but i have kitchen duty :( unfortunately, im sickkkkkk, so i didn't go for kitchen. which resulted in 8 make up hours. zzzzzz, shall pay back the 8 make up hrs tml in kitchen. damn, working on sunday. how sad is the life of a practical student now. and i gotta study for test next wed and do my assignments. sighhh. kay bye for now! i shall be a hardworking girl, though im sick. haha.

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