Monday, October 24, 2011


just had wine club class! every monday, we will hav the wine club class, whereby we get to taste 5-6 different kinds of wine, learn about them and food pairing with it. every time after wine class, you'll see students with red faces emerging out of the 'classroom'. hahaha!

though my face is red, im still trying to print my slides and study for exams tomorrow.

today, the school brought us down to sydney for a career expo. its an expo where all the top hotels will set up booths and try to recruit students to work w them aft graduation or for placement. i only handed my resume to Shangri-la, cus im not quite interested in any other hotels, considering the fact that im counting on my interview with InterContinental.... hopefully the results come soon! *fingers crossed* & there were lots of hotel school students at the expo as well, but well, they turn out to be quite a disappointment. not dressed in proper uniform, not friendly etc. its so true that our lecturers told us that our school is the best and everyone will be looking out for us. hurhur. im glad i chose the right school (i hope! haha)

 omggggzzzz, there's like a shitload of homework/assignments/projects/quizzes/tests/exams and i keep losing track of whats there to do. im getting stressed up as final exams draw nearer..... 7 more weeks. i need to score better results this term! Distinctions pleaseeeeeee! 

alright, shall go try to study and sleep early for tml's 8am class... toodles! :>