one month worth of words & photos

by - March 05, 2012

a biggggg bigggg hello to all my dearest readers! sorry for not updating often, been real busy in my life, and sometimes lazy. heh! here's whats been going on in my life for the past month... plus work as well. bummer!

14 Feb
D day; its either a happy day or another sad lonely day. well, mine was a little of both. I didn't had work that day, so i stayed home, but bf had workkkkkkk. actually i find it quite alright. i dont find a need to celebrate vday so fanciful. if u're in love, everyday is vday! nonetheless, bf bought me a bouquet of flowers and a small doll for vday. :D

loveeee the bright colours from the flowers ^^


17 Feb
On this day, we went for our vday dinner! teeeheee! i bought this really good deal on
its $39 for an appetizer, 2 entrees, 2 grillades/pasta, 2 dessert and 2 wines. ALL FOR $39!!! GOOD OR WHAT!!! hahahahaha. so typical singaporean of me, i know. but anyway the place is prettttty far! its all the way at Alexandria! haha but nice bf was understanding to walk to that far place with me.

yummy caesar salad (:

oily calamari rings for bf :/

my weakness! chocolate mud cake! <3

25 Feb
it was my colleague, Shonal's, farewell celebration/get together. We were supposed to go to Shark Hotel for some drinking but two of the guys wore thongs (slippers) so we were denied entry. So we ended up at Big Echo! its a hongkong karaoke lounge. Here's some lovely photos of some of my colleagues (:
my dearest ashley! <3

my baby girls (:

Shonal & Mariana

Natasha, myself, Shonal & Ash.

Room Service, Cafe Opera, Chef (:

26 Feb
Finally got another chance to meet lovely priscilla lau! she had a flight to sydney and we met up after she touched down. bought her to BBQ City for korean food (again), and we made our way to Opera House. it was her first time exploring the city cus all of the times when she's here, she sleeps in at her hotel. today, we went touring! During our walk at Opera, this absent minded girl happily took out her camera, only to realize that she had left her memory card in the hotel...... LUCKILY, camwhorish me had a camera with me! sat down, had Copehengan icecream which was dripping everywhere! took tons of photooooos at Opera house,including failed jump shots! .____.

finally, pris got to visit the almighty Opera House 

anyhow, we headed to The Star Casino next! Being a sydney-er, i haven't been there myself too, shame on me. So tday, it was my first time there too! luckily the casino here isn't like SG where u have to pay 100bucks when u first enter. i feel that its really interesting to work in a casino. there can never be a dull day with all the excitement you see from the players & audience faces.Pris was explaining to me how to play baccarat. i know im super noob, i dont know how to gamble okay. hahaha. but anw, we didn't gamble cus naaaaahhhhh.

the only photo we could take... no photos in casino :(

 headed back to darling harbour for a walk, met up with tom choi and decided to go to Mammas for dinner. it was a nice dinner, i had rump steak w mushroom sauce! yummmy! took photos with some really hilarious aussie dudes. &  lastly, we sent pris back to Hilton hotel area so she wouldn't be kidnapped along the way. hurhurhur.

tsktsk so close to new friend already! hahaha

funny aussie dude who helped us take photos and then joined us for one. hahaha

it was an aweeeeesomeeeeeee day! im gonna go back to The Star to gamble one day after i get my pay. muahahahahah!

ANYWAY, my friend priscilla (as seen above) and i opened this new business. we're selling clothes and heels online, targeting the Australian market. Do spread the word around and get your friends to like our FB page and order from us! GORGEOUS CLOTHES, HEELS AT EXTREMELY LOW PRICES!!! visit us at 

that's all for my update now! im gonna get busy in view of the recent upcoming events. P.s. i recently joined this asian model search and i must say its pretty bigscale! i'll let u guys in on this in my next post. stay tuned! xx

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