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by - June 03, 2012

i've officially finished work at Saveur! Though it pains me to leave my dearest team & family of 2 months, I still have to take my leave and return back to Australia for my studies. But first, let me update you guys of my life's happenings so far :)

On my last off day, 30th May, i took the chance to meet up with Ivy Goh! We were supposed to meet together with Pris, but she was too tired from her flight & she needed to rest. Thus, we had to miss her.But thats alright, I can always meet pris when she flies to Sydney :) 
Since ivy had work, we could only meet up for dinner. We pre planned our dinner date as we went through a list of dinner places that we could possibly go to, and we finally narrowed it down to Creperie Des Art @ Prinsep Street. 

Creperie is just right beside Strictly Pancakes

Dearest Ivy

We ordered 2 crepes, one main and one dessert, to share cus ivy heard that the portions are rather filling.

Full muscle shoulder ham, sunny side up, French Emmental cheese

Caramelized pineapple, mango ice cream & melted chocolate
I personally liked the dessert crepe more but i do like the taste of the thick emmental cheese as well. :) both of us were full from the crepes, who goes to show that ladies should share crepes when you're here! haha! 

Since we finished dinner at 8pm which was still rather early, we headed down to Wine Oaks @ Mt Emily for some drinks. Ivy heard that they sell lychee beer there so we decided to go have a look. Ladies, if u're going to Wine Oaks, never wear heels and walk up, its a tiring/troublesome/leg aching journey for you as you will need to walk up this slanted slope of stairs. Ivy can vouch for that cus she was in her heels. hahahahaha!

Dining at Wine Oaks is totally alfresco, and we were pretty unlucky that the night was humid and non-windy,both of us were perspiring throughout!

lychee beer!
The lychee beer tastes really nice! but its a tad too gassy for my liking, and the alcohol content is only 0.4%. Perfect for ivy, who's not really a drinker, but not so perfect for me. hahahahha!

We certainly managed to catch up quite a fair bit during the short dinner+drinks we had. True friendship never dies. Both of us met during Singtel Grid Girls in 2010, and till date we are still in contact and we can even talk about anything under the sun (moon in this case). I will miss you when i return back to Aussssss! remember to reply to my tweeeets, telling me not to drink too much. hahaha! & i wish you all the best for your future flying career, which i might join as well! hurhur! seeyou soon my dear! <3

2 days later....
its my last day at Saveur! I never thought that i would be such great friends with the people at Saveur cus i knew that i'd be there only for a short while. I always had the impression that people wouldn't put in the effort to get to know you and bond with you if they knew you were going to be there for a short while. But i was proved wrong. I was welcomed into the family and knitted close bonds with everyone. Even though most of them were from the same church and knew each other beforehand, i wasn't left out at all. 
Thank you my dearest Saveur team for teaching me about life, God, friends, work experiences & love. I will never forget you guys in my entire life. 

After service that day, all of us went out to Mr Punch winebar @ MINT Museum for my farewell drinks. SOME of us had a tad too much to drink and was seen sprouting stuff out or behaving a little high-ish. hahahaha! but its alright, all for the fun of it. I kinda dont really wanna see the bill cus i know it burned a bigggggg hole in people's pockets. but thank you for the drinks! & the happy times we had! I really enjoyed every single second with you guys. 

I hope that when i return back from Aus, Saveur would have soared to greater heights! May God bless you in your future endeavors. 

The very next day, i met up with my dearest BFF clique for brunch at Arbite. It was meant to be mui's advanced bday celebration as well, but she was kept in the dark about this. paddy, dork and i had to converse in a separate group chat about our plans and boy did our phones ring NON STOP. hahahaaha, but all went well, mui didn't suspect a thing at all. 

I made a smart choice ordering the soup and a kids meal, cus i was really full at that point of time. and the thing was that my pasta bowl, was the exact same size as mui's frittata. the only difference was the price tag, which was more than twice as much! and of course the quality of the food as well. hahaha. 
Our Escargot 

My Mushroom Forest Soup

My Kiddy Bites; Spaghetti with meatballs

Mui's Frittata

Paddy's Grilled Morroccan Chicken

Dork's Squid Ink Tagliatelle Seafood

We had to celebrate Mui's birthday in advanced, all for the sake of me. haha. Cus i wont be around when mui is having her bday (july period), so we had to celebrate early. heh, a little realllll early. hahaha. sorry mui, chye has to fly fly fly back soon. 
hope you liked the cake from Da Paolo :)
Happy advanced 21st birthday Mui!!! <3

our signature ahpek pose for years!! hahahaa

Chocolate Banana cake from Da Paolo. yummmzzz!

After brunch/lunch with clique, i made my way down to Orchard to meet Kenny Su! I met Kenny when i first went to Blue Mountains. I was in my first year, just entered the school, and kenny was an exchange student from Les Roches. Okay, let me tell you a little more about the exchanges... My school (Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School) is one of the schools under the Laureate Hospitality Wing. Other schools include Les Roches Switzerland (Swiss), LRG University of Applied Sciences (Swiss), Glion Institute of Higher Education (Swiss) , Les Roches Marbella (Spain), Les Roches Jin Jiang (China) , Kendall College (Chicago).

So, from your second year onwards you can choose to go to any of the schools listed above for a 6 months exchange. Kenny chose to come BM, and thats when i met him in school. He was a third year student in Les Roches (theres 4 years in total in Les Roches), so his curriculum was quite different from mine as i was starting level 1 at that time. Kenny's from Brunei, but he studied in SG before. that explains why we could clique. hahaha! it was a good 6 months spent in BM with kenny, and he had to return back to Switzerland in dec last year. 

fresh into blue mountains during july 2011!
So yesterday, was my first time meeting kenny once again after 6 months! seemed so longggggg since i last met him. We headed over to Ion TWG for some tea and macaroons, and we caught up quite fair bit over tea. We even hunted for tea leaves as present for his friend's mom. 

black tea!


2 hours passed just like this and its time to bid farewell. Kenny's leaving back to Brunei tomorrow, which means i wont get to see him again, till i dont know when. 
but all the best to you kenny! i dont have to wish you well in your studies cause all your High Distinctions/Distinctions are too good to be true. haahaaaaaa! but i hope you'll succeed in your choice of career, for the first few years, then family business yeah! i'll miss youuuuuu! and dont forget to keep in touch! (: 

Recently, i realized a handful of my friends are joining SQ, which kind of spurred me on to join as well. HAHAA! okay i know it sounds like a joke, but i've decided to attempt to join Singapore Airlines upon graduation. yup! im gonna finish my Bachelors first, which is going to take another 1.5years, and fix my skin during this period, then join SQ after i graduate. But i doubt i'll fly for long. Probably fly for a few years, travel around, earn some money and then start working towards my goal. that's my plan for now. hopefully everything will fall into place as time goes by.
that's all my update for today, sorry for such a lengthy post. I felt that i needed to talk more to compensate for my absence. heh heh! 

have a good weekend ahead everyone, 
i know i will (:


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