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by - July 14, 2015


Ever feeling your hair is gradually losing its colour and turning dry because of all the activities that's happening around you?

Yes, that's exactly how I feel! Especially since I have started playing underwater rugby on a regular basis, my hair gets dried and frizzy frequently. I do worry about losing my hair colour & texture to the evil chlorine water at the swimming pool. 

Thankfully, my trusted hair salon is here to save my mane. 

Hair Manicure to the rescue!

Ever heard of such hair services? 

What is hair manicure?
Hair manicure is a professional service which involves using a colored cream to add a slight tint of colour and a shiny gloss to the hair. Besides that, this treatment is also similar to deep conditioning procedures, and provides a protective coating for the hair with deep conditioning properties. 

Who is able to do hair manicure?
Anyone! Perhaps more for those with damaged or lackluster hair, who are looking to touch up dull colour or enhance their natural hair colour. Also, to those who are seeking treatment for a healthy shiny/glossy hair. Typically, someone receiving hair manicure will choose either clear or a color that matches her current hair.


Paid my 3rd visit to my trust hair salon, Hair Plus Korean Salon to revive my dull looking hair. I've been receiving compliments for my hair ever since I started going hair plus korean salon for my bi/tri-monthly fixes. All thanks to my personal hairstylist, Su Kim. :)

I was given their trusty korean range of products for my hair manicure treatment, which I've been using ever since I started my hair journey with hair plus. 

If you guys recall during my first visit to the salon, I was given a red colour dye to my hair. Therefore, for this hair manicure, the tint colour that Su had chosen for me was a light purple (bottom left) colour. A neutral colour to match my red hair dye.

Besides that, I also got my roots touched up :)

After 1-2 hours, my hair was finally done! Got everything washed off by the ever friendly and gentle hairstylist assistants. 

Check out my healthy looking mane after the hair manicure treatment!!! 
I am extremely pleased with the results and how I can see a slight tint of purple colour, but it isn't too striking nor does it overpower my original hair colour. On top of that, my hair feels softer and more nourished!

If you like the products used during your hair treatment/services, you may consider getting them off the shelf at the salon! Reasonably priced, premium korean hair products that you can easily purchase here instead of hunting high and low at specific departmental stores for it. They carry a whole range of different Amos hair products for you to browse through.  

Hair Plus Korean Salon has kindly given me their Green Tea range of products to try out; namely the Green Tea Shampoo and the Green Tea Intensive Pack (hair treatment mask).
The green tea clinic complex range helps to cleanse gently and prevent hair loss as well as strengthening the scalp and hair by supplying nutrition to the roots of hair.

Besides having great service, notice how clean the entire salon is. Have you ever been to a hair salon and there's fallen hair everywhere on the floor? I am sure that is a norm sight at every hair salon, well, it is a place where people get their hair cut...
But at Hair Plus Korean Salon, they make it a point to clean up after someone has their hair cut, so as not to make the salon look messy or dirty. Every hair stylist helps each other out. If someone is busy with their customer, another assistant helps to sweep the hair away swiftly. 

Look at how clean the entire salon is! *two thumbs up*

Also, check out the pretty hair stylists!!! Plus point for you to get your hair done by authentic korean hair stylists. Pretty + Professional + Friendly! 
(P.s. Su Kim who is my hair stylist is pictured in the middle)

Super happy me after receiving my hair manicure treatment :D

Did you know, that the Hair Manicure is a star service at Hair Plus Korean Salon? 
It is so well received that the June promotion has been extended till end July!!! 


For month of July,  enjoy 2 promotions for Hair Manicure.

Option A - 20% off Hair Manicure (a-la carte option)
Option B - enjoy 30% off Hair Manicure, with the purchase of any Volume Rebonding, Perming or Colour service. 

Contact the store at 6235 2234 for an appointment with their senior Korean hairstylists today!

Hair Plus Korean Salon
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #03-22
Phone: 6235 2234
Email: feedback@hairplus.sg


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