Chinese New Year hair [Sponsored] // Miss Tourism Sri Lanka International 2016

by - February 05, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! 
Here's wishing you guys 心想事成,步步高升, 万事如意!
(In short; wishing you guys a prosperous year ahead)

During Chinese New Year (CNY), it is a common belief for the Chinese to get new things. As the saying goes, 旧的不去,新的不来 (without the old going, there won't be any new coming), it is a norm for us to get wrapped up in new clothes, carry new bags, sporting a new hair cut etc to welcome the new year. This is also the time of the year where shops and salons get extremely busy; everyone rushes to get their nails, waxing, facial, hair etc done.

Even though I am not celebrating CNY this year due to my participation for Ms Tourism Sri Lanka International (06 - 23 Feb), it didn't deter me from spoiling myself with a new hair colour and treatment. hehe. Well, I want immerse in the cny spirits too!

Fixed myself with an appointment at my trusty hair salon, Hair Plus Korean Salon. I arrived at 11.30am for my appointment, and the salon was bustling with people! Everyone was so busy attending to customers as it is only 4 days away from cny, even my awesome stylist Su Kim! But at the same time, I am delighted to see the salon bustling with cheerful vibes, energetic kpop songs playing in the background.

Not long after, I was seated down at my designated seat and the hair assistant got to action immediately. I was given a Scalp Protecting Treatment rub on my scalp by their new hair assistant.

You'd be glad to know that this cute doey-eyed korean guy is the one and only male hair assistant in the salon! I usually leave my hair up to Su to decide what to do with it. She's very experienced, so I trust my hair in her hands and I have never been disappointed once. This time round, I wanted to "top up" my hair colour as my roots are growing out and I am about to go for my pageant, so I don't want it to look unsightly. Su suggested for me to get a new hair dye colour as it would look fresh. Since the current trending hair colour is Ash Brown, she gave me that together with a lighter ash brown highlight to go along with it. I've never dyed my hair ash brown, totally didn't know how it would look on me, but since Su suggested it, I shall not doubt it. haha.

Trending ash browns seen on famous actresses/models *Image from Google/Pinterest 

Su quickly got down to colouring my hair together with her assistant and we left it to steam. Then, I got it washed off and had a scalp massage by her trusty hair assistant. She was so sweet and kept asking which spot itched on my scalp and she would give me an extra scratch there. i loveeee the hair wash and massage. hahaha!

Since I dyed my hair, Su gave me hair treatment after to ensure that my hair is in good condition. Went through 3 steps of their signature hair treatment while browsing through magazine and before I knew it, it was done. Got it washed off and blown dry.

 Tadaaaa, my soft manageable pretty hair fresh out from the oven (wash)! Super love the colour of my new hair dye and the highlights made me look 5 years younger. haha! *I wish...*


So thankful that I found Hair Plus Korean Salon as my hair sponsor, I have never regretted once. Big shoutout to my readers who patronize the salon after reading my posts, and asking for the same hair services that I got. It makes me so happy to know that! :)

Since Gloria (lady boss) knew that I was heading to Sri Lanka for my pageant soon, she gave me some hair treatment cream and travel size toiletries to carry along. So sweet of her! I still have about 3/4 of their amazing hair treatment cream that they gave me last time but since it was too much of a hassle for me to pump it into travel size bottles to bring along, I got the sachets instead. Super convenient for me! This is really one product I swear by. I use them about once - twice a week at home and they make my hair so manageable! Plus, they are wallet friendly! Check out the prices at the salon, it is one super useful product. Remember it's a pink tube and has the word 03 on it.

Shameless selfies coming up cause I loveeeeeeeeee my hair


Here's another piece of news to share with you guys! Hair Plus Korean Salon will be opening their second branch at Suntec City Tower 4!
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-338/339 Suntec City Mall, North Wing S(038983)
Their soft opening is on 15 March, and the official opening will be  on 01 April 2016!!  For those who have been to Far East branch and have a particular hair stylist that they stick to, they will still be at Far east. The hair stylists at Suntec branch will be a brand new team of Korean hair stylists flown in from Korea to support the cbd crowd. So for those who don't really travel into cbd, you can still come by Far east and back to your favourite hair stylists :)

As part of their opening special, Hair Plus Korean Salon is extending an opening promotion of 20% off on all hair services (except cuts)!!! *T&C applies. 

Come on down and visit them! I will be dropping by their new branch when I am back from my travels, and I will definitely do a write up on their new outlet.


I will be leaving for Sri Lanka tomorrow to compete for Miss Tourism International Sri Lanka 2016. I won't be able to update my blog in the meanwhile due to my crazy schedule, however I will be updating on my social media to show you guys what we're up to. Follow me to find out more!
Instagram: @chhyyee, Facebook Page: Chye Jasmine
Read more about the pageant on their own facebook page (Ms Tourism SL International) and check out the news article for more write up on the upcoming pageant.
Indian And World Pageant
The Sunday Times (LK)
Mirror Business

Here's a lovely video of the beautiful Sri Lanka.
See you guys when I'm back! Please keep me in your prayers and root for #TeamSingapore ! 


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