HAPPY 2018!

by - January 03, 2018

*throws confetti*

So 2017 went by, and 2018 is here. Wow, it's a brand new year once again! Hmm, what did I achieve in 2017? I think there's quite a fair bit which i did in 2017, made some major/drastic changes and decisions etc. I hope things will get better and smooth sailing in 2018, but life isn't always sweet, so i guess it's time to get ready for new challenges! 

Let me recap the past 2 months to close the year... 

My best friend/longest time ever friend got married to her crow, which we are all thankful for (she's bounded for life, ain't no one taking her away from you, YL). Being Glenda's maid-of-honour is basically just a cover for being a "high class maid" for her on her big day. hahaa jokes aside, it is my honour to be your maid-of-honour. To have seen you grow from an immature young kid to who you are today, i'm so happy to see you get married to a man whom i know will love you with all his heart. And to the groom (Yi Liang), thanks for being glenda's husband. good on you.  LOL.  Be nice to glenda (i know you always do), give in to her nonsensical qns and be a loving couple forever!  

After Glenda's wedding was over in November, it was time to welcome the joyous season of feasting! This year, i had not one, but 7 Christmas celebrations with friends and family!! Imagine all that feast inside my tummy.....

First Christmas celebration at Beer Xchange (all thy alcoholics), and ending the night with 2 Belvedere and Lychee liquor bottles at Get Juiced! 

Second Christmas celebration with the SUHC peeps at Ross's condo! Thanks for the invite guys, the meats were awesome as usual!!!!

Third Christmas celebration at Glenda + Yi Liang's crib with the wedding entourage, and an overdose of Absinthe......

Fourth Christmas celebration at Justin's crib.....

Fifth Christmas celebration with my family at le brother's place... featuring my cute niece!

Sixth Christmas celebration with my travel girls at Hangout and ending the night at WAN nightclub! 

Seventh Christmas/ End of Year celebration with my beloved UWR family! 

A year went by just like this....... Too fast to be true, but time waits for no man. I've set some personal goals to achieve this 2018, let's see if i managed to get any of them achieved by the end of this year! 
Hope y'all did some goal setting too. 

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. "


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