Saturday, November 17, 2007

TPRAWKS ENDED YTD MAN!!!!! :( :( :( :( :(

shall tell u wad happened. =D

so met the usual peeps on bus, den on shuttle bus and we were like the first few to reach TP!! the PL (pack leaders) were saying we 3 like super enthu ppl laa, not tired at all, nxt yr come TP can become PL.. haha. den the CL (colour leaders) taught the PL new cheers and we learnt it too!! muhaha. den slowly the place was filled and we went off for TP Xperience. went err, IT sch. some presentation and we went to play com games man. 2 games, 1 is CS, the other is some mutant game the students created. wah lau, CS very fun meh??!! alwys die laaa. ppl attack me from behind. wtf. not fun 1. den keep getting stuck at the same place. WTF. not fun 1.. den the mutatn game evern worse. walk ard, so dizzy can!! msut move the mouse to change views, so dizzy luhh!! den peiling and i gave up and went toilet with hoi.

nxt station is wad huh?? shit i forgot. ahh, wadevaa.. i rmb we were at the plaza (aka mushroom) and the djs from 91.3fm were down. so they were like saying who has the no 9 in yr ic no, come up to the front. thinking no harm done, we(peiling, hoi and me) went up. 2 others came also. so 5 altgt. it wasn't so easy man! we had to hold our breath and say TPRAWKS.... for as long as we can. i held the longest can! and i beat the record of all the schs the djs went to.. muhaha. and my prize was big and bulky -.- haha, kay, den went to the CCN. sth like funfair luhh. students set up their own stalls n sell stuff? yeaaa.. bought a tee with peiling. actually wanted to buy this cute lil bag, bbut only got 1, so both of use decided not to get it.. aww, i love peiling.. and we went to get a henna at our ass area thr.. cool beans. pictures will be uploaded like when i hav the time. ahhaa.. and in order to let teh henna dry, we had our shirts taped up. and we walked ard TP like this till evening. -.- so funny. oh, when i was doing henna, this bunch of guys came over and want take photo.den i was like err, dont want, den 1 went like "eh! u're the girl, the one rawwwwwwwks very long 1..." =.=""" omgggg!! so paiseh laaaaaa..

aft that went to met Y26 and played games.. den moved to temasek convention centre (TCC), continue to play games. this game the eye contact. like u cant starre into another person and he/she stares at u. if so u 2 out of game. so finally left me and peiling. so we thought we won! BUT!! stupid PL change rule, say last one remaining must do forefeit! WTH. haha, nvm, we very sporty 1.. so the whole group came up with a forfeit. cause the TCC is packed with yellow group ppl, we we had to run through and sing the new cheer we learnt in the morning out loud. and everyone must be able to hear! OMGG. so both of us ran laa. "ding ding ding ding, running through tp, in my white undies. tall short white black, we all love tp. oh, tp rocks tp rocks tp rocks my socks. rp, np, nyp and sp, so so only!" haha. yea,, and we sang n shouted that like more than 3 times while running back and forth. (pls, our shirt's were still taped up man! mygosh) we completed it man! SPORTY PPL ROCKS!!!

den i donno do wad, but i rmb got buffet dinner. haha. den went outside tp campus awhile. returned, slack awhile, got ready for jam and hop !!! its like a once in a year thing, and all tp students all want to join, but its only for TPRAWKERS.. and we hav to show sticker to get in. so all PL went to collect any extra stickers. in case the tp students take n go in. yup. its like the whole hall was transformed into a club scene?!!! yeah, and thr's bands performing, which includes the GREAT SPY EXPERIMENT! and we all danced like mad!!! i was like perspiring even though its in aircon place. -.- haha. my legs were like pain and my feet had blisters =.= so sadddd.. we ended bout 11 plus. den all went for supper at CPF building. haha.. dammn big group. but PL had debrief, and Y26 waited outside for them luhh. but some Y26 ppl left cause it was late alr.. yeaaa.. den they came and waited for princess jiamin and we POURED WATER OVER ALL!!!! hahaha. dmamn funny luhhh, and i got a lil wet as well. but fun siaa.. haha..

den eat eat eat.. talk talk talk til bout 1plus?? .... cabbed home with 3 others.. reached home 2 plus... yeaaaaaa... dammn freaking tired..

went out with mom to collect my prom dress.. casue fai came that time but iw as at camp still, yea, so he didn't bring up my house. whoopsy. yup. den went OG buy my clutch.. bout 60bucks?? yeaa... went back hougang mall meet bro ate ajisen. we only can eat ajisen when dad's not ard. cause he doesn't get full. he's overseas, so good. hahaha.. kay. den went LEE HWA and bought my pretty silver necklace! nice design! cost bout 500?? MUHAHAAH! im wearing it to prom!!! wheeeee..

piano in teh morning.. den going over to peiling house to dye hair. and to pluck eyebrowwssssss... and thread as well. muhaha. seeyou! im dead tired. nights!