Tuesday, March 11, 2008

hello one and all. quick update.

errrr, i cant rmb wad i wanna blog alr. pictures are definitely not ready. oh, i met ain tday aft work! to get my NUM tank from her and take passport photo and have dinner. haha! zzzzz. love you ain for coming all the way down from clementi! u're the best! i love you ((:
oh man, im quitting my job on the 4th of april, cause poly is starting soon. hopefulyl school goes smoothly, unlike sec sch, where i had lots of trouble. but that's whr the fun is all about. haha, well, some of it. okayyy. so tday this friggin uncle at the foodcourt totally gross me off. i shan't blog the whole story, later BFF say again. haha. but that uncle looked like CHEE-KOO-BEI !!! hahaha!

watched hard gay just now, BFF's recommendation. HAHA! omggg, so damn fking funny can!!!
ohoh! nxt fri tzehian's bday movie+dinner confirm right?? night movies? ;D i wan to poool, BFF!!! no fights, i promise u no fights will happen laaaa. okieeeee dokeessssss?????? [:

thurs's dance man! yay, sat's bro's bday, my guitar class and yati's engagement party. i wonder if im able to split myself into 3 on that single day man.. and i've got to squeeze in 2 dinner dates aft work man. my organiser's getting disorganised. what's the point of getting an organiser. haha, must go organise it.

right, off to bed now. oh! and thanks CHAT for letting me come yr house on sun at 12 midnight =/ and distrubing u whilst u're cooking and yr bro and yr dad. haha, well i don think u mind anw. HAHA. hope the other guys liked yr sambal. heh! you're the best dude ever!
thr's work tml! and i shall stay OT till the last analyst leaves. muhaha, to make up for tday. seeeeyaaaaa.