Saturday, March 15, 2008


firstly, my arms are aching like shit. ytd had dance, we did breakdance for half an hour. learnt baby freeze. u know its the one whr u put both hands on the ground and u put left side of yr head on the ground and u lean towards the left and u lift yr legs up. yup, so its like a sideways motion. yeah. at first, it's damn hard to balance den will keep falling down. den i got the hang of it, but my right leg still cant lift up, arm not eough strength.. haha. so its like my left hip is bruised and my arms(from wrist to the forearm) is aching like hell! tday at work so sore luhh. did cheography dance afterwards. great workout man. end of the year got concert, and we msut put up dance item. man, must practice..

tml! meeting yihui and tehC at sengkang cc at10am! haha. we're doing up someone's bday present. aha, shhh.. den until 3. i'll be moving off to guitar class. aft guitar, meeting family to go out, tml's bro's bday! happy bday dude,u're 23! old already. muahha.

nxt fri's stepup 2!!! fking nice! den to tehC's pub. and karoke. well, tentatively. haha, shall go slp now. gotta wake up early tml. nigths!