Saturday, March 15, 2008


met BFF and tracy at compass tday. we said whoever's late shall treat, and we thought that BFF wld be late cause he wanted to fish in the morning. but turned out, he was the earliest!!! even i was later than him! tracy worse, she came at 11plus. -.- so ended up tracy treat lunch. HAHA. ily! ;D and so we wasted the whole of morning walking ard and donno doing wad. went cc, but so crowded so cabbed to tracy's bf's hse void. do up present for someone till 3. and we played piggy back again! HAHAHA! so fun!!!!! i love to piggyback. i mean i love ppl to piggyback me.. i cant piggy back anyone, not even tracy, who's lighter than me.

left tracy at her bf hse, LRT with BFF to compass, saw laurel on train. i went to shit =/ hahah. BFF so nice, carried my guitar for me the whole day(nono, half day only) and waited while i shit. HAHAHAHA!!! well, he's my best BFF afterall! heh.

i went for guitar tday! yay! im so nice. ercong said i played well! yay! he said i learn quite fast. and now im practicing strumming the song and learning cai hong by jay. but gotta learn the chords first. BAR-ING SUCKS BIG TIME. its like yr forefinger has to press down on all 6 strings at one time! so hard to do it luhh! ya, must get used to that, practice that and change chords, den nxt week ercong said he'll teach me one-on-one , the whole song.. yay!!!!!! he's the best man!!!

met family at some restaurant that dad alwys goes for bro's bday dinner. and we bought bro ice cream cake at gelare! omggg, the icecream cake rocks luhh! the icecream's like damn chewy and bouncy! damn nice and special! everyone must try! ;D homed and watched kungfu dunk! HAHHA! SO NICEEEEE LUHHHH!!!!! loveee it. [:

tml's pianooo! OH SHITTTTTTTOOOO. i've gotta practice my pianoooo laterrrr.. haha. den errr, i cant rmb wad's happeneing aft that. hahha, whoopsy. i have bad memory. gotta check my organiser, hopefully its in my bag. hahaha!
im going to get a haircut soon! mom says my hair is so long -.- well, i wanna cut my fringe, im kinda tired of my "curry pok" hahah. BFF's sad, cause no more curry pok for him to play with. heh, wonder wad hairstyle will my hairdresser recommend me. haha. im going to try sth new. well, if its okay luhh. ohoh, im getting another piercing soon. muhaha. tata!

pfffft. my 3 main fingers, 2nd, 3rd and 4th fingers are very much swollen and numb now. cause aft one whole day of playing guitar, its swollen and i cant type fast, cause it hurts. ercong said i'll have to endure the pain and practice daily, den i'll be able to play well. oh man, tml got piano, gotta use these 3 fingers again! im so sad, so pain. =x


im uber mixed ;/