Sunday, March 16, 2008

what a day!

first i had piano in the early morning. man, i slept so late last night im surprised i could even wake up early for piano! so tcher told me there's a performance going on for the music sch, and she ask me to perform. OMGGGGG. like its been 1234579862165years since i last played the friggin piano on stage!!!! zzzz but i said okay anw. its at young musican society on 21jun. i hav time to practice. well, not much, 3months to go. SHEEESH.

went tanning after. stupid weather spoiled everything, didn't get a tan in the end. DOUBLE SHEEESH. anw, bought some makeup and a dress! HAHA. lucky i didn't come back empty handed..
did some exercise. actually wanted to swim, but the weather spoiled everything once again. oh yes, i beat my hulahoop record. previously it was 3000 hoops without dropping. as of tday! i beat my record, my current record is 4002 times without dropping! i had to make it drop at 4002 cause mom said its nv going to stop. okay, nnxt time i shall beat that, and slowly rise up to 10,000!!! MUAHAHAH! maybe i could earn myself a spot in book of world records!!! ;D haha, well, maybeeee.

artiste manager said i gained a little weight and my face is rounder, which is not good. so dieting starts as off tday, till i shed off that extra 1.5kg. GO BFF GO!!! i trust u bff! diet tgt, i don care! till i shed off 1.5kg den u can go and snack in office again. HAHAH.

off to bed now. tata