Tuesday, March 18, 2008

my ear hurts man.. :/

like i just pierced my earhole ;D haha. and im brave okay! though i was squeezing esther's hand. heh, love you esther!

ohoh, tday was hectic at work can!!! i was practically running up and down every min or so. cause need to give Immediate Issue or give urgent apps den have to keep running up and down and up and down.. haha, den the analyst very poor thing, cause onyly 4 of them doing urgent and each had like 4 to do. so poor thing.

im so happy i pierced my ears! yay. maybe i'll get a third one. heh! see how. tml i shall work OT till the last analyst goes home. and thurs i have dance. oh that reminds me, gotta go burn songs. and gotta practice my guitar extra hard. i can feel some some hard skin starting to form on my 4th finger. mannnzzzzz. so ugly feeling.
kay. gotta tuck in now. tml have to wake up early go the stupid clinic. cause apparently they didn't mail my medical report in, and TP just mailed me a letter saying i cant get my confirmation letter cause they dont hav my medical report. stupid clinic say they'll mail for me. neverrrr. $%*!#!%$

bye wonder world! (: sweet dreams