Friday, March 21, 2008

hello one and all. this shall be a uber quick post.

ytd was dance. it was superb! we learnt popping! u know like those breakdancers pop the hands and do the wave and do those really cool moves, yeah, we learnt those ytd. and im like so fortunate. hahaha. know why? cause i got my own "personal" instructor when learning all these. cause this guy, his fren called teppy(?) joined our dance. yeah, so both of them were pro dudes in this area. and teppy coached us in doing the head move and wave. and teppy coached me personally on how to do wave. man! he kept correcting my hands position until i think he sian alr.. HAHA. just kidding. but i somehow got the grasp of it. but i forget really fast. so did 2 eights cheo and lesson ended. damn tiring can. just moving the arms, making them pop and doing the wave. gosh, and i thought it was really easy before. no it isnt! haha

went dinner with fellow artistes. had HK SEAFOOD HORFUN first at HK eatery. den went to durian stall and ate durians thr! hahaa. damn funny. half of us ate sweet, the other half(includes me) ate bitter. so the uncle gave us both. and we kept complaining to him. ahha. say the durian why so hard, den he gave us another durian FOC. haha. so its damn hilarious. and suddenly! I SPOTTED A FRIGGIN HUGE COCKROACH!!!! i was sitting bside imelda, and i happened to turn my head, and i slapped imelda's back and screamed REAL LOUD "COCKROACH!!!!!" den lousia jumped onto the stone bench and everyone else got a fright. HAHA. den the durian uncle say "na li you xiao xiang! wo sha shi ni!" and he stepped on the cockroach near the bin, wonder if its really dead. ahhaha. just nice we finished our durians and we headed home.

HOHO! im going out now! supposed to eave long ago, cause haircut appt was at 2pm. and its 130 and im still at home. ohwellyy.. they'll wait for me. haha. and aft that im heading to dhoby for steup2! haha, like finally. den singing and drinking session follows up! WOOHOO!! so happy.

day1 today, how unlucky! >:[