Saturday, March 22, 2008

ELLLLOOOO!!!! elmo's cute. haha. (makes no sense)

ytd was super duper fun!!! ;D met tracy, yi hui and tze hian at ps ard 530. dinnered at swensen. our sub topic always revovles around UOB!!! be it work or the staff. hahaa. cause we're all UOB temp staff. :DD so the gossips n everything. hhaha. damn funny. asked the waiter help us take pic siaaa. haha. as usual tracy cant finish her food and the 2 guys ate it up. its alwys like this, even at work during lunchtime. haha.

went for stepup2 movie! lucky we booked, cause it was fullhouse. movie's awesome!!! and i saw they did the popping and baby freeze, we learnt that in dance class as well! AWEEESOMEEE!!! music's cool. but not all nice luhh, so i don think i'll be buying the soundtrack. anw i've got quite a number of songs inside alr. so yeah..

after movie, walked to cathy. actually wanted go tracy's place, sth like partyworld. but it wasn't open. so went partyworld at tze hian's suggested palce. but didn't want it in the end. went to cathy again, wanted play pool, but no tables.
so in the end, we cabbed to opp parklane. the whole row of bars and pubs. hhaa. went to LIQUID GOLD! its damn nice. like its not messy and dirty. its nice, clean and we can sing!!!! ;DDD muahha. left the 2 guys inside, went out with tracy to withdraw money and to peace centre's cold storage to buy perfume n strong mint mentos. haha, cause i need them later to cover had lotsa fun (: den later, 2 of tze hian's frens joined us. actually we wanted to store teh remaining chivas, 4 april come back and drink(cause its my last day at uob), but we downed it all in the end. the woman very nice. she jsut grad from poly and working part time thr. she came and talk to us and drank with us. she asked how old am i, she thought i was like her, 20yrs old. when she found out im actually 17, she's like "orhh. here age limit is 18. u're underage" but she's nice, she let me stay. hahah.

stayed thr till past the closing time.. i think we left ard 3plus?? cant rmb. and tze hian had to fetch me home. heh. so we were all outside the pub and everyone stoned! ahhaah. like seriously. leaned at the railing and stone. till i asked "errr,wad is everyone doing nth here." den tracy went to disturb everyone. hhaha. so funny. actually we all wanted 5 ppl share cab, but infront got roadblock, so the cabbies don dare fetch us. so in the end tracy, tze hian and i shared a cab, tze hian's frens shared another and poor yi hui alone.. cause he lives all the way at holland. haha. happening place ahh, u got go drink somemore anot. haha, dont think so. he's sober. hahahaha.

and so tze hian send me all the way to my doorstep and i crept in. quietly, i went to bathe n change n pack everything neatly, den went to bed. see! at least i bathed and went to bed, unlike someoneee who might not have done so... hhaa.

den through the early morning sleep, had a hard time falling asleep. cause the cramps were kicking in and the urge to vomit.. damnit. lucky never, if not mom wld hav suspected i've been drinking. and i couldn't take my med, cause cannot mix with alcohol. pooof. forced myself to slp and i woke up this morning at 130pm!!!! with a headache and a bad stomach... omgggggg. was kinda running late for guitar class. and i certainly was late for guitar. heh! lucky er cong nv say anything. anw, i learnt how to play the verse of jay chou's cai hong! muahhaha! feel so accomplished! ;DDD he said im quite good, learn fast, but he doesn't know i forget fast too. heh! so must keep practising everyday.
tml's pianooo! and i almost forgot! bro's band concert at VCH!!!! oh yeah man!!! long time since i last saw him perform.. hahaha.


i shall upload the pics another day. heh!