Sunday, March 23, 2008


following pictures are at work. (: enjoy!


the world's cutest ninjas! hahaha

that's my stack of credit card application! crazy ppl.

thr was lightning and yi hui happen to snap the pic down unknowingly. haha

toilet love!

haha! im supposed to be a mummy, but i donno wad i turn out to be. haha u guess.



temp staff!

rawwrrr! im cool girl!

backky back!

we're cool workers!

back to the past.

and it really stinks..

tracy, im gna smack u if u do. haha

i don really look like im miserable, which im supposed to look. tracy looks uber happy! ahha

shhh, sorry aunty, we wasted loads of tissue whilst trying to be mummy. haha

the great escape!

it was raining and we took a detour, and photo on the way!

at couch outside office. it says "UOB" on top.

monkey & teh-C

HDB hub dustbin, dont play play

actually its very clean.

im clean girl!

i'll be there for you!

bunches of hair..

kisses for you and me.

stare till u get stoned

our morning applications(apps) tgt with mail.. POOR MR MACHO! he said he could carry..

look kelwin n tim! im wearing the shirt u guys gave me! be glad!!! ;DD



tooth-brushing time!!!

yihui, tracy and my slippers!

gay. emo. toothbrusher [:

your tongue's not long enoughhh!!!! (though its ALREADY super long)

tracy piggy back me!!! she looks so emo

yihui piggyback me!!! muhahaha.

that's my seat at the background.

janet's heart, tracy's giraffe, my GEOFFREY! aahah.

why are they so mean, i help to clear their rubbish for 5 days and this is how u treat me?! go and die. ahha. (im kidding bout the rubbish part)


stupid pose. toilet's not here. especially not at my seat! and not in my dustbin!


spideeeeeyyy mannn!

cool and se bei bei. hahaa


gahhh!! I CAN DO IT!! look!! i can do it and not fall down!

i pinch u like any other normal days. ahahaha

BUT U'RE GONNA BE DEAD FOR DOIGN THIS TO ME. !!! (haha, just kiddingggggg)

doggy loves! (diff breed though. haha)

what the hell is this???? i have no idea..

yi hui looks damn happy being hit with the chivas bottle

and now he looks drunk with it...

so tze hian tries to down teh whole bottle down, but we stopped him, cause its too ex for him to down 1 bottle down himself. haha

tze hian and me(:

piggy mouthed idiots. haha



told u his tongue's long. haha

liquid gold!

tehc and me!


swensen dinner!

chye, yihui, tracy, tze hian

lover boys.

we shall be lover girls.