Saturday, March 29, 2008

i went tanning tday like finally. but but but, sth cropped up last min, and i was fetched home. :( i shan't say wad, cause im trying to get over it. but i got a little tan. and my stomach's red. man! yuppp.
came home bathed, took a short nap, and changed again. going sch's awards ceremony. so i had like 2 diff seat number, i donno why. ppl receive like 2/4 awards all go on stage once to receive everything. but im receiving 3 and i went twice. so i had 2 diff seat number. one's 104, the other's 198. ahha. so received the first award, which is cca merit award(merit). den change seat. went up 2nd time and the GOH said to me "oh, yr 2nd time ah. congrats1 well done" haha, okayyy. and this time i received pft sustained gold award and recognition for leadership. yupppp.
took photos with sch peeps, miss all of them dearly! and definitely the sch. ahhaa. and mrs das(ex-vice principal) rmb me! she somemore said "i saw u go up stage to receive awards two times, im so proud of u." hahhaa. took photos with her. shall uplaod another day. the end of the day. im so exhausted.

oh oh! i wanan say bout ytd! ytd we were all rushing during work, nearing 630. everyone's rushing like mad. cause we(me, tracy and yihui) are going to catch a movie which i regret watching so much. right, so the movie's RULE #1 !!! ****NOTE! IF U HAVE A FAINT HEART OR U IMAINGE THINGS EASILY, PLS DO NOT WATCH!! so i was covering my eyes throughout the entire movie and when i accidentally see sth gross on the screen, i'll swear vulgarities out and yihui will be like dont keep scolding vulgarities laaa! so aft i reach home, i was damn freaked out by the images and i dare not bathe. ahha, but finally i did, quick one though. yeah. so dont watch it if u're bound to imagine things. EEEK! IM LIKE IMAGINING NOW!!! factiva factiva factiva!!!! (its fuck in uob style. ahha)

tml's piano. and i've got to wake up extra early. cause tml's qing ming jie, like must go sao mu. yaaa. den my dad's fetching my aunt thr and i have to wake up early so they'll fetch me to piano on the way. and i'll be early for piano for sure. kay, and i donno wad im going to do aft piano. go out with family? i have no idea.
mon's work! and got dinner treat by boss!!! so cool.. it'll be my first time going for dinenr treat by boss. tracy went a couple, yihui i think 1.. mine first time! and no more 2nd alr. tues-fri work, i'll OT everyday! well,except thurs and fri. thurs's dance, den fri we're all going LIQUID GOLD again! yay!!! so happy. and fri's my last day at work. :( that's the damn damn sad thing. i will miss everyone dearly, esp my BFF! (be honoured) okay, lets treasure wad we have now.

okay. off to bed. im getting a cough alr. must be bff pass to em. first he passes his flu germs to me, den the fever comes along,and now the cough. but its okay, i dont blame u bff, maybe its germs from elsewhere, like joyce? ahhahaa