Thursday, April 03, 2008

im back to blog. looks like i've been mia for some time. well, its not long either.

wad did i do on tues? righhttt, i had work as usual, rushed off at the end to go home, gotta pack my bag and some stuff for wed.
cause my uncle passed away and we're all going to indonesia for the funeral. and its the last day of funeral, so its the chu bing day. yeah. i woke up at like 4+ am can! friggin early! and i slept at 2plus. barely 2 hours of sleep. left home with dad. mom went over on tues alr. u know on tues my mom actually wanted ask me come over to indo right away on tues night and spend the night thr. yeah, but i was working and i haven't pack my bag or anything and if i go home take, it'd be too late alr. plus, i cant just leave my new tu di, chun fei, alone doing the work, so i say cannot lor. cause over at indo we've booked the whole level of a hotel, so got lots of rooms. yeah, den my mom wanted me over that time so i wouldn't have t wake up so early in the morning and rush here and thr. but ohwells, i didn't go. chun fei u better be grateful. haha. just kidding laaa.

so wed i took leave, went over indo for funeral. shant elaborate on it, cause its not a nice thing to do so. but rip uncle, we'll always love and rmb u in our hearts.

returned and went to work tday, damn shag and tired, and my eyes were still sore from all the crying ytd. :( work as usual, gave out pressies to all the temp staff at PFS(including 1 perm-siyi)! haha. changed at 6, left for dance at 645. OHOH!!! and when i was on the train, i think i saw teppy! the guy who taught me popping individually(not supposed to) last last wk. ahha. so cute! lalalala, late for dance, luckily not the latest, cause the person who came aft me got scolded! lucky manager nv see me when i came in. PHEW. did choreo, continue from last week. wooh, better alr. new stuff to revise. cool cool cool! did pair dancing infront of everyone,and i partnered with nicholas! tired tired tired!

tml's my last day at uob. thanks to everyone who've made my day bright. love you guys! we all temp staff shld go out one day tgt yeah?!!! so we're all going to rush our work in the day, leaving at 630sharp to catch SEMI-PRO! den actually we're going to LIQUID GOLD aft movie, but now i think we changed to mind cafe! hahaha. cool cool! aaaahhh, last last last day day day! :(((

AND POLY IS STARTING!!!!! wooohh. wonder how'd it be like.... *ponders*
oh welly, i will know when the time comes. cant wait for last day of orientation! cause thr'll be a partyyy! like tprawks, DANCE DANCE DANCE!!! cool beans man!
okay, im going to dance now, like revise the steps and practice my guitar and piano!