Saturday, April 05, 2008

ahhchoookiiiii!!! (random)

blog bout ytd!!! so fun!!! it was my last day at uob. lunched at sakae! thansk temp staff, tracy, yihui, siyi & min li, for the treat ;DD booked movie tics and the whole day at office was like a no break day! haha, cause we were watching 730 show and we had to rush thr on time. plus we were meeting 3 other ppl from outside. yuppp. so i went down to 18th floor at 6 to bid farewell to everyone. so sad :((( thanks to everyone for their presents! I LOVE THEM !!!! and thanks to everyone who've made my stay at uob an enjoyable and joyful experience and memory (:

we were late to leave the building cos i had to rush to many places to meet diff ppl.. haha. finally left, cleared my table with MUCH HASSLE. cos i had gazillion of things on my table. HAHAAH! trained down to dhoby, met mingjie(pika!), eileen, and tze hian. watched rogue! haha, first few moments during the show, eileen alr scream so loud! hahaha. nearing ending of the movie, i really cannot take it, gotta pee. haha,. jsut nice mingjie also needed, so we went tgt. and we missed the doggie dying part. awww. the show's nice, lots of action pack stuff but the story is kinda predictable luhh. yeahh..
trained down to clarke quay aft movie. went mindcafe. we were the group that had the most ofeverything. screaming. laughing, banging on the table, spilling drinks, most troublesome group! HAHAHA! but we're all here for fun lor... and no one said we cant make noise, so to the grp of ppl who kept staring at us, screw u all. HAHA! left ard 1plus, went clubbing at THE ARENA.. woohhooo!! long time no see clubbing scene! loveeee! got free entry cos we cool ppl have connections. ;D muahhaa. got some drinks and pounded on the dance floor. this swiss guy asked me to dance with him, and guess wad?!! HE'S 17 AS WELL!!! hahahhha! like same ageeee! he said he's going back swiss soon. yeahhh. mann. hahaha... dancing was uber madness. aft the whole thing, cabbed home with pika and tze hian.. damn tired.

I WOKE UP LATE AT 1230 TDAY!!! hahahaha. practiced piano for like 2+ hours?! yeah. then practice guitar and being a nice girl, i packed my super super messy room and wipe my room clean. so good girl ;] bathed, changed and all, left home for steamboat at pika's house. but went to play pool first! hahhaa. niceeee. met yiliang! haha. super long nv see him alr. caught up on old times. yup. then it started raining elephants and gorillas. pika was thoughtful, he alr brought 2 umbrellas for us to share. hahaha. went over his house, steamboated.. lots of left overs! hahhaha! and i think we're going over nxt weeek to finish it. HAHHAHA! played with his dogs(or rather his bro's) hahaa, damn cuteeee! played poker and mahjong... hahaa. pika's a good tcher at mahjong.
and homed! going to bed now. tml got pianoooo. and going out with family. TATA!