Monday, April 07, 2008


went sch tday with paddy! collect my sch grad cert and my EAGLES AWARDS & A CHEQUE OF 150BUCKS!!! hahha! paddy is so very jealous of the money im getting. MUAHAHA! saw some random tchers. lunch in sch. ahhhaa. many things ahve changed, well ,some are rather lame. ahah. went compass for awhile. off to paddy's house for movie! ;D long time since i went her house. played with cookie, her very adorable dog. which is the same breed as mingjie's bro's dogs, super hyperactive! damn cute! mingjie, pls do love yr bro's dogs and not drop them accidentally halfway carrying them. it hurts. hahaha.

i haven't uplaod pic of sunday, cos tracy haven't send me the pics. oh wells, shall get it from her tml. tml's lunching with uob temp peeps ;DDD yay! i picked the lunch place, SUBWAY. if not later we'll be wondering whr to eat tml. hahaha. according to yihui, lunch tday(without me) was rather quiet, less quiet than normal days with me ard. awww man. and tracy called chun fei JASMINE! hahhaha. and both didn't realise it, till yihui laughed and told tracy(tehc) bout it. awww mannn, tehc, i also miss you alot!!!! heard u're sick, better take care ahh. dont keep doing BT den 4gt bout yr health. im going to bring u honey lemon tml. (: love you! take care darling.

so aft lunch, meeting esther at town. SHOPPPPPINGGGG TIME!!!!!!! IM GOING TO SHOP TILL I DROP TML!!!! its been a friggin long time since i last went shopping seriously. i got tons of things to buy. haha, hopefully i find all those tml. then i'll be damn happy. ;DDD please God, grant my little wish

so so so!! i received the freshman orientation camp(FOC) details as well as engineering sch camp letter. woooohhhooo. looks like i gotta start packing my overnight FOC stufff sooon! its THIS COMING THURS!!!! omgggg, so fast fast fast!!! i cant wait!!!! heeee heeeeee.. must go buy camping stufff. hahhaa. and just nice day1 of camp is on thurs! >:[ clashes with dance! :( mannn. but i just asked zain, he say i just tell my GL den i can leave for a few hours and come back again. so i guess i have to cab from tampines to dance, finish dance and cab back to tampines again. ANYONE KNOWS HOW MUCH THIS FRIGGIN LONG JOURNEY WILL COST ME???!!! i bet alot. :(((

u know i realise sth. ppl are eagerly gearingg up for poly and im jsut sitting here, slacking my ass off. ahhaa. like ppl hav bought their laptops... and im still clueless bout everything. ahha! but ohwells, i dont wanna get a laptop so early. cos i wanan see if ppl actually need one in my course, i mean like i dont want to rush into getting a laptop cos everyone is doing so. if i really need one, i bet the nxt day my dad will buy me one. so yeah, no rush in things. hahha. laid back.

okayyy... i shall look forward to tml! hahah. enjoy the photos recenlty transferred from my hp to the com. toodles!


gasp at carlo rino!

elmooo in cookie monster outfit!!!

cookie-elmooo!!! AWWWWW.

after worrrrkk.. smoking harms yr health..

tracy is so nice to lean on, but she doesn't think so. hahaa

i need u as much as i need a toilet bowl in times of high tide xDDD

dance dance!

we're spiddddiiieeeesssss in training.

train of love!

dinnnnerrrr. OT TIME! chiong ahh!

spastic moments cut in during OT time. haha

smoking makes u cough and hav sore throat like mine. :(


I CAN BE EMO KIDDDD! i pass! tracy fail! haha

lovers house. pls enter with (L)


that's wad's left of the salmon....


i can open the lift door with just my smile ;]

ride on!

behind is the office. hahaa. okayyyy


yihui, jasmine, tracy's ichiban sushi! from PFS CREDIT UNIT! dont steal our sushi!

wanling, me, mrs das (ex viceprincipal), charlotte, esther, cecilia.

mrs soh, charlotte, carol, chye, wanling, esther, cecilia, amanda, kaiwen, atricia and i cant see who's that but i think is mrs faith tan. haha. CHOIR PEEPS! plus 4H&4J tchers (: