Tuesday, April 08, 2008

OKAY, SO YTD I WAS DUMB ENOUGH TO TRUST A GOOD FRIEND OF MINE AND CLICK ON A STUPID LINK THAT GOT MY COM HAYWIRE!!!! CAUSE I GOT VIRUS, GODDAMNIT!!! so i started panicking and calling weechat and yihui to help. ahaha. and i went to burn all my pictures and everything else into disc, so when the com gets reformatted, i still ahv my precious.. ahha. going to burn the music later. so while burning ytd, talked to yihui on the phone for bout 2hrs.. HAHA.
okay, so this morning got a couple of ppl asking me"wads that? why" so i'll say "DONT CLICK ON THE LINK!! ITS A STUPID VIRUS I GOT."yeah. to everyone out thr who've received my link, pls dont click. its a goddamn virus. haha.

today is a nice green wed! im going to do a couple of things tday, so i cant be on the com for the whole day. gotta practice my piano, guitar, practice my dance, read my books, watch movie, PACK MY CAMPING BAG!!! i've decided to wear the new shorts i bought to camp. wheeee. im going to start packing my camping bag. i love packing camping bags u know! cos its so nice to stuff things in. ahha. den later come back with lots of things unused. hahaha! so fun so fun, go pack toiletries and everything else. ahhhh, so fun!!! i think my deuter bagpack can fit luhh. i dont want to carry my handcarry adidas, later very heavy..
one thing im still worrying. which is my dance class... cos i've to cab to chinatown and back again which is friggin ex!!!! WTF! ughhh.. i've yet to find out the price, plus peakhour somemore... anyone know a short and cheap route?? please tell me! thanks!!!

------------------- the post i typed ytd before my com got virus------------.
i feel broke.

as u can see, IM BACK FROM MY SHOPPING SPREEEEE!!!! bought tons and tons and tons of stufffff... from tops to bottoms to shoes to everything else. haha.

lets seee. i was early meeting the peeps at uob. muhaha! saw a couple of familiar faces.. peeps were lateeee. tehc not here :( she's sick at home. so tday's me, chun fei, yihui and new replacement for me, kenneth. so everyone's inter-related, the main guy, tze hian. hahaa. riggghhhtttt. so lunched at subway, left at 1245. trained to meet esther at town. had a great time with esther! shopped for soooo loongggg, and i tried on so so so many clothes at diff shops that ppl thought i was mad. haha.. but i bought okay! OH SHITTXXXX. i forgot to buy my vintage tee at the shop upstairs!!! ESTTTHHHEEEERRRRR... >:[ pffft.

walked down to ps, bought further more things.. hands nearly broke. went for little tea brek. cawhored at our secret little corner. hahaha! aft which, trained home. went hougang mall buy newspaper for dad and bought mr bean for parents to eat. haha. im such a nice kid. actually partly thr's a motive. cause i bought loads of stuff, so must buy sth back for them to eat, so they'll be happy.. hahahaahahhaa.
yup, i shall uplaod photos another day when esther has sent me everything. tata!