Monday, April 14, 2008


oh yeah! right, so let me blog bout my adventure in tpfoc.

went for breakfast with weechat and brandon at macs. actually my dad wanted to fetch us all thr, but he decided not to, later traffic jam. hahaa. so we went on our own. reached thr like damn friggin early can! 10plus! hahahaa.. whoopss.. met liyi, my tprawks PL, she's accion GL. den damn long later, the list of groupings came out, and everyong crowded ard the list luhh.. got into the same group as adele, jamie, vanessa and rachel, all sjcians! actually got more, but they didn't turn up.. yeahh.. the rest of the sjcians were in another group. damn lucky we can hav 5 ppl on the same grp, means quite a number of sjcians turned up, if not we wont get 5 in a group. haahah. den all the sjcians gathered and started squealing and hugging and screaming. ahah. yeah, we're all like that. hahahaa. sat in our groups, registered and im in PHANTOS EMPIRE. and my sub empire is phanyx, same as vanessa. ;DD cool bean eh. haha.. i cant rmb wad we did exactly. but its like making new friends and playing their games. yup, den dinner at 5. i ate first, cos i had dance. dance was friggin tiring can! cos we only had 1 hr to learn 4 eights. damn fast. dance ended late cos we still had to discuss our audition dressing and all. rushed off halfway, got to tampines, cab to tp, got lester to bring me in. ahhaa. later i get lost den have. was back ard 10plus and everyone was bathing. mannn, i missed my supper. we discovered a showering toilet at design sch, nobody thr can! hahaha. so we bathed thr. den slowly got more ppl come. we all slept at sports complex.. got back, didn't slp, just talked away.. bout 3am i got so damn hungry, cos my dinner food was burned away whilst dancing and i had no supper. -.- called macs delivery, stupid man say call back 30-45 mins later. so we did and they ans. the convo goes like this

macs: hello may i help u
me: yes, i wan to order macsdelivery
macs: where is yr location
me: temasek poly
macs: okay, and yr contact no and yr name
me: -gives my info-
macs: okay, u hav to wait for 1h15min for us to deliver to yr place
me: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
macs: yes, cos of overwheliming responses
me:*thinks hard* OMGGGG! WE CANT WAIT THAT LONG. u know we all didn't have our dinner and we're all starving like hell and there's no food here and we're not allowed to leave the sch premise to buy food. u know how hungry we are now..... can u please try your very best to push our order infront? pleaseeeeeee
macs: ermm, okay, i'll try
me: okay! thanks. can i give my orders now
macs:er ya
me: -gives the long list of food- please try your very best to deliver it to us as soon as possible okay. give me a call when the food is delivered okay
macs: yes sure
me: okay, thanks so much!

so we waited, we actually thought it was going to be like fastest 45 mins luhh. who knows they called 15min later and the man was alr at the gate! HAHAHAHAHAHHA! omggg, so fast luhh. ran down to collect our foood and thanked the man. HAHAHAA. damn funny!!! some logistics ppl saw us and ask wad we doing running ard in the night and holding MACS in our hands. hahaa. lalalala. went to eat at business sch, bought some more food. ahahaha! omg, we're like some pigs can! finished eating, lost track of time, went back to sports complex. shared my sleeping bag with 3 other ppl. -.- cant slp, floor too hard. barely toss and turn a few rounds and its time to get up and prepare for the nxt morning..

started off with PT. and tday we were going out to neighbouring places for our game. ran around like some mad woman. well, everyone was running. ahaha. fun though. the best game of the day, the POLKY game!!! i was blindfolded, i dont know why but im alwys getting blind folded. ahahah. yeha, so its like 1 guy 1 girl opp sex, all in 1 circle. den u hav to pass a polky using yr mouth. ahha lots of funny noises happened.. hahaha! its damn funyn to watch a guy pass the polky to a girl when its DAMN DAMN SHORT. den its like they're literally kissing each other. HAHAHAHA. omgggg, almost died of laughter. finished game, went back to tp. prepared for our performance night. omgggg, it was like errrrrrrrrrrrr. kay, no comments. nvm. hahaa. aft preformance night was jam and hop! YAY YAY YAY!!!! but the nights couldn't be off-ed, nvm, we still danced like crazy. den its like all the SJCIANS gathered in the centre of the hall and we started dancing away, damn madness luhhh!!!! i was perspiring like hellll!!!! it was a great workout! must have burnt lots of calories. HAHHA! damn fun! had supper afterwards, den bathing. so many ppl, i almost wanted to go into the guys toilet can! lucky i never, aft hearing yanti's story! HAHAHAHAHHAHHA!!!!!! damn tired alr, my shirt was soaking wet, so was my hair... refreshed aft bath. back to sports complex. again, never sleep, went out to buy food. ahaha.damn hungry... eat eat eat eat eat, go back to sports complex and attempted to slp. but it was so freaking cold luhhh. was shivering all the way. hahaa. and the next morning came

it was the last day of camp. damn she bu de. hahaa. we had water activities. like all the stations required us to get wet and dirty. haha. damn fun luhh water! so wet wet wet wet. and when the wind blew, it was freezing colddd... den it started to rain and we cant go to teh rest of the stations. went back to sports complex, took off our shoes, learnt some damn funny cheers. changed into camp shirt and when the rain stopped, we went on to our nxt game. games were fun, and running ard in soaked shoes weren't good at all. ahahaha. but we ran still.. returned back to sports complex, announcement of winners. AND PHANTOS GOT BEST EMPIRE FLAG DESIGN AND AND AND AND ALSO TOP EMPIRE WITH THE MOST POINTS. YAY.

some videos afterwards, and it got to the emotional side of everyone. some speeches and photo taking afterwards. haha. went over to CPF building for dinner. its a tradition luhh. everytime aft camp den we'll all go thr, last time tprawks also go thr. cause of the large number of freshie and GLs, we all moved to tampines stadium, and some stupid ppl bluffed me we were going back tp. walking back. -.- ahaha. got thr, settled down, ate dinner. lester and ryan bought hooch and vodka back and i went to drink, tgt with kevin and kent. haha. cabbed back with kent, made he let me alight first. hahahaa. homed, bathed, sleeeeeeeeep on my nice comfy bed!!!

woke up late ytd. was supposed to wake up at 8, but got up at 830. rushed like hell to pack my books and dance gear. haha. i had piano class ytd at 930 and dance audition at 11. yeah. so it was damn hectic. went for piano, and i was half dozing off luhh!!! rushed off to train to cityhall. met dancers at the underground thr. did everything thr, and we were rushing as well. so they helped to do half of my hair on the train. haha. damn funny, everyone was staring at us, taking out sprays and creams and everything.. omggg, so funny, i love u all. got to UAN office, danced and interview. i've got singing audition nxt nxt sun. omgggg. damn rush. now dance is in, we've got dance practice every week. yeah. tiring. cos end of the year, UAN is having a concert. okay, time to do some publicising..

UAN IS HAVING OUR 5TH ANNIVERSARY CONCERT AT YEAR END. THE PLACE IS NOT YET CONFIRMED, BUT HOPEFULLY ITS AT DBS AUDITORIUM. TICKETS ARE PRICED AT 25BUCKS EACH, IM NOT SURE IF ITS FREE SEATING. WILL UPDATE AGAIN. every one of us, artistes, will have to sell 25 tickets, please do support us. its a very very nice production, with dance, singing, drama, hosting and everything else. u guys will definitely enjoy it. please come and support us. we spend a long time putting everything tgt, and we're still working on it to bring everyone a good show. thank you everyone.

wed-fri is engine sch orientation. woohooo. fri will be jam n hop, i heard, OH YESSSS!!! SO GONNA GO FOR IT. hopefully its at convention centre. tprawks one was thr, and it was air-conditioned, thats why we all were less sweaty than foc one. hahaha. nevertheless, ill enjoy it anywhere. till then. tata!
before i leave, a couple of photos of paddygoh & me when i went back sch to collect my grad cert and my eagles award cert & cheque! MUHAHAA. i dont hve phantos photos! :( shall post on blog once i get it. till then!

her name's cookie and she loves me!

look! she loves me luhh!

feel like kidnapping her. HAHAH

lunching in sch for old sch times sake. haah

hello, my name is jasmine chye!

i look hideous, but whatever, i like to post stupid pics of me.

in fact, i don hav a normal face pic, well, sometimes only. haha

my tongue is short, yes, stop saying.