Tuesday, April 15, 2008

LO & BEHOLD! im back to blog again. this time its bcos i've got nth to do at home. im rotting actually.

lets see, i woke up at 9plus tday, used the com, talked on the phone with min jie(when he's in camp. tskk), registered for singing audition, got really tensed up when i couldn't find minus one for my song. yeah, finally its decided, i'vve got to go kbox with mn jie and peeps one day, soon, 1)cause he's dying to sing, 2) cause i need my practice. HAHA.

alrightttt.. ate breakfast, bathed, got out of the house, went for eyebrow trimming and prata house for prata. and and and, i got cut. know why, its damn stupid. cause i ordered drink, and it came with a lid, so i was running my finger beneath it, trying to prop it out, and instead whilst running, it alr cut my finger. i didn't realise till i saw blood -.- wthhh. and it's damn long cut, like across yr 2nd finger. deeeeeeeeeee-duummmmmmmm. chye is so steeeeeeeeeeuuuuupppiiiiddddddd. ;] doesn't matter, ive alr gotten a plaster on. just that i cant play the guitar and piano just yet. and i cant type fast on keyboard n hp >;[

right, so im back home again, and this friggin big bee was inside the room. omggxxyyyzzzz, and and brave chye took a fan(those whr u hold it in yr hands n fan it) and chase it out, well, sort of whacked it out. and i shut all the windows. yeah! im so brave! hahaha -pats myself on the shoulder-

so now, im going to

1) type some docs

2) charge my itouch and put some new songs & photos in

3) play the piano with plaster on

4) practice my dance

5) play the guitar later

6) practice singing

7) read a book

8) link sm ppl on blog

9) beat my record of 3000 hula hoops. HAHA

10) update my organiser!

that's all for tday! i shall watch tv tonight! its been ages since i last watched tv! haha, den maybe i can pack my bag for tml. so psyched for tml!!! hope the engine camp orientation wld be as fun as foc one. heh! sch's starting nxt mon, oh mannn, back to sch life, aft resting close to 5months! hahaa, till then.

you guys made me smileeee.

awww. looks formal to u? its supposed to. ahha


randoooommmm... ahhahaa