Thursday, April 17, 2008


tday i morning called jay at 610am!!! hahaha. and i just woke up. when im supposed to meet all of them at tampines at 7. HAHAHA! so i rushed like hell laa, and i reached at 730. muahahha. i think my class is kinda getting bonded these few days. i think tday we kinda show initiative to talk to the opp sex. yup. and the truth or dare game really perked everyone up. ya, and i was the one doing triple forfeit.. cos 1 class asked me to encore my dare! wth.. ahhaha -.- so chi kui laaa. but nvm, all in the name of fun. and i left early tday at 530, cause i had dance.
alright so dance was super super tiring. like we had 30mins to choreo our own set of dance move, 4 eights. damn hard can. hahaha. but we did it. paired up everyone. yup, love you li shan!

tml im stillmeeting jay & gang for breakfast at tamp macs, and he's going to morning call me. not me morning call him. HAHAH! cause he know i'll be late.ahahhaa .. tml's last day of engine orientation. getting matrix card, timetable and all. den last thing at night is JAM N HOP!!!!!! yup!! so fun fun fun!!! i bet tml'll be crazy!!! aft jam n hop, tradition again, go cpf eat macs. and this time confirm ryan & lester buy vodka! yeah! i got drinks! muahahah. love you all man!! gonna go slp now, muscles aching, and tml's gna be a long and tiring day. seeyaaa all!!!