Saturday, April 19, 2008

im back from my 3 days engine orientation!!! im damn bloody tired and my thighs are aching so much i cant seem to move much. talk about carrying a guitar later man! >:[

so so so, i got no voice now. shall tell u bout ytd.. got chosen to be cheer leader for my class. -.- so went to lecture theatre for cheer training. cheered for damn damn damn long luhhh! den lunch a little only, cause later still need cheer & jump & be hyper, so cant eat much. made new friends! from engine sch. ahahha. u know in engine sch right, out of 10 ppl, 9 are guys. -.- seee, there are so little girls in engine sch, lucky my course got equal no of guys and girls. hahaha. so aft training, went straight to sports complex and lead cheer infront, on the track. under the hot sun. and my face got sunburnt. but not so bad luhh. hahaha. den went on to bedok reservoir for regatta and dragon boating. stood on teh grass and i got 8 friggin ant bites okay!!! i donno why but ants are just attracted to me luhh, alwys bite me. plus plus, 1 spider crawled on my leg and a grasshoper jumped onto my knee. WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL THEM ALL!!! I DESPISE INSECTS!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH

okay, so aft whole thing, went back to tp, didn't get my matric card, cause when i was at cheer training, they gave out, and i wasn't thr, so lecturer took it back home, he's giving it to me on mon. yeahh. damn hungyr, cause didn't eat much during lunch, so GLs gave me nasi lemak to eat. awww. so nice. hahah. ppl departed, i went to meet jamie at mushroom. met up with quite some ppl, went for jam n hop. the music's like sucky but some still can make it laaa. haha. danced like mad, got pushed up to dance. wthhh, so damn freaking malu laaa.. my shirt damn soaked with sweat luhh. den aft it ended, we all went cpf to eat supper. its a tradition lor. ahaha. yeahh.. cabbed back with angelina and li min aft supper. reach home, dman tired. bathed and slept.

and im up today!!!! at 10plus! im not going sentosa with phantos ppl tday, sorry, cause i got guitar later. but im going for dinner with them later at vivo. aft my guitar. ahhaha. yuppp. so happy luhhh. hahaha. im so gna look damn weird carrying a guitar to meet them later. hahaha. okay, im going to go now. i got my piano pieces to practice, its for my piano concert in june. wahlau, so dman jam packed luhh! den i stil ahv to practice my guitar later, omgg ,i haven't touch it for like how many weeks alr. hahaha. and i gotta bathe and leave my house at 2plus. cause i gotta go do my poly ezlink card!! OMG, I HAVEN'T DO YET LAAAA. hahaha. okay, i wan go shit, stomach ache. must be the super big cup of gassy drink last night. tskkkk. toodles everyone!

some photos we took during FOC, during bedtime! damn funny. haha

chye and jamie ghost! we certainly look like ghostly figures to u right! (of yes! i look bronzed! muahhaha! tanning really paid off)

phantosssss love!

jes, adele, me and vanessa. SJC! :D