Tuesday, April 22, 2008


sorry bout the disappearance. shall blog from sat onwards.

went for guitar, met FO ppl at skygarden. played loads of game, damn lame laaa. and i kena forfeit =/ and and and the best part of the day was NYP like challenge our sch for cheer or sth. and we all TP ppl gathered tgt to fight back. think they didn't didn't know all teh little groups spread out were all TP 1... so when we all gather tgt, its like a colony of ants VS 1 puny ant. HAHAHA. DAMN FUNNYYY CAN!!! see their face so funny. super hilarious. cheer battle on! and obviously we won. ahahah. but we applauded for everyone. resumed game aft battle. kent damnnice, brought me some vodka whilst i was playing game. thanks la kent, u're the best laaa. play till quite late den left with phantos gang. reach home dman shag, bathed, slept.

woke up at 9, damn tired, almost late for piano. rushed like hell. wanted t bus to piano, but i realised i didn't bring my ezlink, so had to take mrt. -frowns- played piano, fingers damn suan and pain cos of scales. aft piano see doc. i damn malu can! was on the phone with min jie, den the Q no. jumped 2 nos. and it was my turn but didn't know, still happily talking away. den the nurse suddenly shout JASMINE CHYE LI TING!!! den omgg, i jumped up and she said its my turn alr, so my itouch almoot drop luhhh. chuck everything inside my bag.ahaha. resumed talking aft consultation. ahhaa.so funny, i look dman aunty. ahaha! homed, bathed, change, went out again. went kbox for singing practice n training. hur hur! yeah. saw cecelia at mrt station, she called my name so loudly laaa, another person. hahaah. nvm(: sang till i got no voice.. -.-

1st day of sch!!!!! started out funnily.. reach sch damn early. waited for chat to cm out of toilet. sat outside. 2 guys waaed to me. i thought they were waving to someone behind me, so i turn ard, nobody lehh. den i turn back. then they said "oh sorry! wave wrong person. i thought u're jean" den another fren went "sorry ah, wrong number " -.- huhhhh??? nvm.. so stupid.. went for classes, quite enjoyable. some quite sleepy as well .HAHA! but tests are coming up alr. man! so fast, end of april lehh.. -.- tssskkkkk.. hope i'll do well. (:

okay, i shall get going, later 01 ppl scold me for being late for lunch. ahaha. class starts at 1 tday, and we're all meeting to eat lunch in sch. haha,and weiloong push the fixing of lunch time to me, ughh! KILL HIM. hahah. okay. toodles! SHALL UPLOAD PHOTOS ANOTHER TIME! ;DDD