Wednesday, April 23, 2008


i forgot to add 1 thing to my previous post. on monday, we went to the open air play ground to play, with phantos ppl, during dinner. so like i ate mos and aft awhile, i went to play teh spin thingy, and guess wad?!!! i vomitted 3 times! HAHAHA. eh but i swear its seriously damn fun. ahahah. okay, period.

school was alright tday. had business estate tutorial for 2hrs in friggin cold classroom! was freezing my ass off! though my jacket's zipped all the way up to my chin. heh heh! den maths for an hour and apel for another hour. apel's like nth. -.- seriously. damn lame, but nvm, its slack period. its like wad civics and moral education? i dont know, like u know in sec sch, tchers wld get u guys to fill p fortfolio, plan yr future route, know more bout yr personalities etc. yeahh. aft class, played bball with class guys and a few girls. i dman stone laaa. cause i donno how to play bball. so paiseh. den the guys keep going "pass to the girls la" so paiiiseeeeeehhhh... haha. lucky got denise with me, if not i'll be very very maluu.. heh.
went off for FOCUS conference at coporate communications building. blah blah.. boringgggg. went back bball court. ppl leaving alr. left tgt.. went opp sch kfc eat with phantos ppl. returned back to sch to see laptop and cca fair. signed up for dance, cheerleading and choir. zzz didn't want choir, but they kept pulling me to write my name down. -.- man, now i got soooo man auditions to go to..

dozed off on the bus again. ytd i dozed off and it got all the way to hougang interchange laa, and the bus uncle was like going to come over to wake me up.. so i had to take some time before i reach home. tsssskkkkk. damn tired. tday also. dont know why, hav been quite tired recently.

tml meeting the 4 musketeers of my class at interchange(ruixing, jonathan, johnson and weijie) at 815. hopefully im not late. heh! i hav a strong feeling i'll oversleep. i think im falling sick. :(

life's so tough. well, maybe its just me. it seems that i've got endless of things to do. piano, dance, guitar, vocals etc. plus i have to practice at home for all these.. and now poly work, project, cca! i really wonder if i can cope anot. i dont wish to drop any class im taking now..
lots of things are going through my mind daily, every moment, every sec. somtimes i think my brain is going to burst. i think i shld get a bigger brain. at the same time, this part of me is not seen by the public. i mask my emotions. i express them in words, but i dont show it. i must be strong. im the cheerful, happy, carefree jasmine chye that everyone knows. sometimes, it gets tiring wearing a happy mask on the outside. how i wish i can get it down but it wont be me anymore

i dont want anyone
i only want u.
but nobody knows
cause i told no one
except myself.
how i wish one day u would know
i want a shoulder to lean on when times get tough :(
but u aren't here
cause u dont even know.
argh! im so fustrated.
im missing you right now.
should i even be? :(