Thursday, April 24, 2008


sch was fun. im glad im fortunate to get a great class like 01! i love my class tons! we had like 4 new members joining our class tday, they transferred to our class. this shows that our class a nice class. hhaha. okay, enough promotion. love 01 anw! HAHA!

lectures are boring, i can fall asleep during the maths1. tutorials are alright. but i especially hate CAD lab. cause the tcher is goes through the lesson so fking fast and no one knows what the f hell she's doing and she fking expects us to know what she just did. what a total bitch. ughhhh. hat her as much as the others do. but but but!! this sub is a MUST PASS. mann. life's unfair.. >:[

my limbs are aching like shit due to dance just now.. but it was fun afterall. and im still practising my dance steps now, got so caught up with it. heh. so addictive. haha. den whilst i was comign back, it started raining cats and dogs. mannnzzzzz. i've got no umbrealla cause i hate carrying 1. ahah. so i walked under the shelter and the rain. i donno why, but i just want to say, ITS SO COLD! hahahahaha! okayy, right, where got rain warm righhtt. kayyy. and i didn't get dinner before dance and i've no maggi mee at home and my house macs is not 24/7 and i forgot where the 7-11 is, so IM FRIGGIN FAMISHED NOW!!! nvmm, i shall be on a diet tday. ahahah. im mad right. dance so much and all i consume is water water and water. hah.
u know i look so freaking aunty! cause i stuff my shoe bag in my bag and its so damn heavy i reckon my shoulders are slanted alr, and i bought 1 maths book, 1 portfolio and 1 i dont know what book tday. and i had to carry all these on my hands tgt with my jacket. wow. lucky i nv trip and fall. if not i'll just run away in embarrassment. . HAHA.

ohohoh! tday at Uan, everyone said i looked so tired, like i've never slept for days. man, does it really look so bad on the outside??? but i dont see it in the mirror. -.-
oh right, my mom just told me i've began to grind my teeth again. shittt, that's like very bad news. i used to grind my teeth, its like when u're damn stress den u'll grind yr teeth. yeah. last time during O's period, i grind. aft that i stop, now my mom say its back again. i grind so hard that my mom wakes up from it and she cant stop me. and now thr's a bubble thingy under my left eyelid that's partially obstructing my vision. wth! guess i really need to go to bed soon. hopefully it'll disappear by tml morning. dont wanna look like a freak/fool.
ohyes, dork's 17th bday party's on tml, must look good. we've got LOADS to catch up yeah dork?!! i haven't seen her in like 13747998557963 years! and paddy as well! i miss you guys lots man!!! i bet u guys miss me more. HEH! loveeeeee youuu!
bed time! and big bird says goodnight(:

random pictures.

patrick! whilst i was atill with toyrus vivo(:
my darling adelineeeeee!

imma toyrus kid!!! ;DDD
do u see any resemblance in us? bet u do! cause he's my brother! hahaha. i think this pic damn cute luhh. cause it brings out the spastic side of us both. heh! ;DDD

i need your reassurance
cant say how much imy
they always say so near yet so far.
sounds so true yeah.