Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yup. Shall blog bout ytd. Yesterday was so much fun!!

Met ruixing up for breakfast at opp cpf building. Talked and all, hmm, nice(: went to sch, was late for 30min, but tcher praveena let us off. She’s so nice, though I cant understand what she’s trying to say throughout the class. =x ohwells, she let our class off 1hr early!!! YAY!!! She rocks my socks! Hahhahaha! Kay. Went down to tables and did our wrtoral proj with rx, wj, jon & js(type all the names out abit very long. Haha). Yay! I got my sketch out! Muhaha. Den went for emath lecture. Was falling asleep during lecture, chong is so boring. And wj kept saying “jasmine don’t sleeeep!” like suddenly! So I’ll wake up with a startle. -.- aft that was rebus, omggg, boring again. Fell asleep……. I think lectures are a good time for sleeping, they shld make the environment more condusive by switching off the lights. LOL! ;D

Swapped pencil box with ruixing. Mann! I miss my tortoise alr.. : ((((( and he claims that my tortoise loves him more and wants to stay with him. Noooo, my tortoise misses me more luhh! He better treat my tortoise with TLC (tender loving care), or else there goes L CHANGE THE WORLD. Hahhahah.

We were supposedly going to the lib from 3-5 for proj work discussion, but decided to cancel it, the guys were going back to their sec sch, deyi. So since I had nth, I tagged along! Haha. Went their sch, saw their tchers and godmas and goddads and friends and juniors and all kinds of ppl. Their tchers are damn funny and nice luhhh.. hahaha. And when I was thr, I posed as some angeline(???) from 09 class. Haha. Supposedly the best class! HAHAHAHHA!!! Riiighhhhttttt… kay. Went off with ruixing first cause I had dork’s bday dinner to attend.. and and I admit, im damn dumb, cause I took the train all the way back to tampines from amk! When buona vista is right at the other end of the line! HAHAHA! Damn damn dummbbb and absent minded. Haha. Well, that’s me! So I was late when I reached buona, went to hail for cabs. OMGGZZZZ. Some friggin gross ppl on the motorbikes and cars like signalled us to get up their vehicle, like they wanted to ferry us to the place we want to go. HAR, LIKE REAL. GROSS PIECES OF SHITTTTT. GO TO HELL. Hahaha. Finally we got a cab. Cabbed to ROCHESTER . nice place, very nice ambience. Too bad we didn’t book, so we couldn’t get the main courses. So had tapas and alcohols. (: okay luhh, it was filling though. Nice dinner afterall. Thanks dork! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DORCAS NEO!!! Aft dinner call cab to amk central to find the guys. Slack ard, went home afterwards.

Woke up this morning at 6plus, going for dance(hiphop) audition.. zz zhi hua, zhao lu and wenli last min pangseh, they back out. Mannnn, and im all alone. Lucky I made some new frens at audition. But 2 back out last min.. omggg, so anxious luhhh. Almost did. But went on with the audition. Routine was relativel easy, but must emphasize a lot on the bounces and the big actions. Must really show, if not not nice. Yup. Den I keep forgetting dance steps can. Cause I take very long to rmb a set. So yeahh. Think I didn’t do very well. : ((( plus plus, someone by the initials of rx didn’t msg me to gimme confidence. Hahaa. I almost cried this morning, cause damn stress. So many ppl last min back out and leave me alone. Was on verge of crying. BUT I DIDN’T. went on with it. So yeah. Goodluck to all those who’re having theirs nxt sat.

Decided to give guitar lesson and muay thai a miss. Cause im too tired. I shall take a nap later, just like a little baby. Haha. I realized its been a long time since I last had a carefree day like this. Eating lunch at home, slacking around, and taking a nap later. Yeah. Everyday is always a jam packed day for me. After school, I’ll always wonder, wad’s up next? Thr’s alwys activities lined up for me one after another. Be it for my own leisure or my classes, there’s not a moment in my life which is carefree. Haha.

Tml’s singing and drama audition for UAN. Mann. I haven’t been practicing. I don’t think I can get in.. but I really hope I can. Nvm, I shall go practice later, hopefully I can make it. *crosses fingers and toes*

Okay, im going off for my nap now. Bye world. Everyone be jealous I can sleep now whilst u all are busy busy! Hahaha.

P.S. I WILL UPLOAD PICS OKAY! when i find them. haha. its lost somewhere in the com. and dork's bday pics shall be up when they send me. heh! toodles!