Saturday, April 26, 2008

hello wello.
my nap was awesomeeeee!! sleeeeeept like a litttttllleeee babbbyyyy... man! long time since i last slept so peacefully. hahaa. den when i woke up, i realised I HAVEN'T PRACTICE MY SINGING FOR TML'S AUDITION!!!!!!!!! crappp! okay.. i'll upload some random pictures, if not later someone by the initials of wj say my blog very boring. -.-

my sch award ceremony. muhaha! that's like me receiving prize, i've got 3 awards! so i went up stage many times. hahhaa.

sylvia buddy and me!
and that's clubbing aft prom! fatty and me!

PROM! ;D duck and me!
im all confused.
should i give u up?
it never lasts
but i still loveyou. :(