Sunday, April 27, 2008

back from pianoooo! and i was lateeeee! cause i woke up at 930, when piano's at 10!!!! heh heh heh. so piano was alright. i didn't practice much, so had to repeat all my songs and scales. now i think i got ehh 10 songs to practice. BAHHHHHH. >:[
nxt wk is june hols! but its not for me either. but tcher going europe last 2 wks of june hols, so she's going to give me more songs to practice. mannnzzz! i must make it a point to practice my piano everyday! i must come up with a timetable of things i MUST do daily. haha. must must must.

im like practicing my singing now. and im online as well! muahaah! i can multitask! omggg, im so nervous for my singing and drama audition later.. a5sf4a8ga7gadha8h4a8h4ah87a4a8g74a8a8t4a8t7a8wt7aya541gfg1a0g6ag878ur8ko84p8n5
s4a8h7ae8hv ag7a8h7ae8fvsab4ahw07r89e70ye874r8eu79ra7u4ae96
sorry, this happens when nervousness kicks in.

aft audition later, think im going down vivo to get some stuff.. and visit my darling ain at work @toyrus! haha, long time since i last stepped in thr eh. haahha.
i shall get going now. still must dress up. tssssssskkkk. haha. seeeeyaaaa alll!!! ;D
FOC PHANTOS LOVE!!! (try spotting me. hurhur)