Friday, May 16, 2008

facom class was TOTALLY FUN!!! we went to see the high level storage tank and the low level one. omgg,damn damn damn cooooool!!! and praveena's damn nice, she's our facom tcher btw. haha. let us off a little early... den went for maths lecture, took photoossss (instead of listening in class -.-) den rebus lecture, copy copy copy, not listening at all. den wilfred had to say sth bout doing lecture 9 RAYMOND(lecturer) REALLY WENT THROUGH LECTURE 9!!! =.=

left aft class, went out with vin! bused to mrt, slept on train, took to kallang! den bused to leisure park! really nobody leh!!! ate pastamania! 2 cheese freaks pounding on the poor cheese sprinkler. haha, poor thing, i pity pastamania for having us inside. like actually the bottle was 1/3 full, aft we finished, it was like err 1/8 filled?? haha! yeahhh. went bowling!!! played 3 rounds, and i improved round after round! yay!! so fun! hahha. im so happpy!! ;DD went to walk ard, play arcade. MUHAHA! I WON I WON DAYTONA! muahhahahhaha!!!!

ohoh!! den we went to this dman ncie shop! the things damn damn cuteee luhhh. got this very super super cute sewing thing, den u stuff the cotton inside and u sew it up. dman effing cuteee! im gna buy it and do it for........ (:

homebound afterwards. im gna watch 10 promises with my dog with (: HAHA! i think its damn nice. the doggggieee so cuteee. but but, i gotta prepare like 2 pacs of tissue and go on a MAKEUP FREE day ;DD heh heh. must go prepared. ahhaha..

a friggin piece of minced meat got stuck in my windpipe just now during dinner. haha.. and the minced meat is like NOT SMALL lor. no wonder i couldn't breathe properly.. anw, imma good girl. i practiced my piano. haha. partly cause my performance is coming up and my piece is NOT PERFECTED yet. so im like nervous. yeahh.. tml got guitar class! wheeee. OH CRAP! i shall practice my guitar later. and and practice my split! muahhaa! when im not so lazy enough to go on the air con, den i'll do all this. hahaha. OKAY! I THINK IM GOING TO DO IT LIKE NOW, ITS FRIGGIN HOT.

i wonder what's up for me tml. im still blurrrrrr. haha.

sun sun!!! piano piano!! den meeting peeps at town at 12. ;D shopping+hangout+catch up! ;DDD den going to our FT's new house(: and i donno wad's aft that. im not sure if parents are still going to the beach or not.

they told me actually they planned for the whole family to go overseas to nearby country for the weekend, but they see like i got so many activitites den they cancelled the whole trip. i mean like u could hav discussed with me right. i can cancel my activities if that's the case. den now it'll look as though its my fault. later nxt time u all wanna go and i really cant make it den u guys will say its my fault AGAIN. tskkk. im sick of it.

PHOTOSSSS of today! (still got ann ann thr one. not sent to me yet)

ohoh! during APEL class, i saw this writing under my table in that classroom. ahha WELCOME TO INDIA. -.-

dont u think this reminds u of someoneeeee???


this's a damn funny game. haha. wad bishy bashy boo?? HUH!! i totally forgot the name. hahaa

the 2 gays caught in action, well, the aftermath. wilfred and rooney. tskkk..

LOOK!!! got airbus on the projector!!! hahahah!

maths lecture! wilfred, rooney, denise pearl an, jing xin and suhui! and im the photographer! hahaha

and that's our maths lecturer and the whole lecture class, 4 classes combined. (:


& i love you so!(: