Monday, May 19, 2008

helloo world!!!! updatesssss

went vivo to get my cute notebooks from pageone again! hahaah. bought 3 books! one for BTB(: and 2 for me. muhaha! damn effing cute i swear!! rigghhhttt. went to buy food and trained to uan office for my guitar class!! i learnt a new song! yay! im so happy.. aft guitar went home i cant rmb why... and i cant rmb how i spent my sat.. tskkk, time flies man! and my memory is getting from bad to worse. hahahaa..

woke up late, dad fetch me to piano... aft piano, i deposited my piano books inside and left to train to vivo! was the first to reach! muhaha! see, im punctual!!! as usual ;DDD so waited and waited, drey came, den fon den bex. wooot! went carls for lunch first. BEEF CHILLI CHEESE FRIES!!! ;DDDDD yummmm!!! next went tangs to buy gift for mr sim's house warming. browsed ard, decided on a coffee maker thingy. yup. den errrr, went pull and bear i think?? we waited damn damn long for BTB to arrive with his family but they were like in adidas. damn long alr, so we went to adidas instead. haahah. saw BTB at changing room! den came over to say hi and intro my friends to him (: haha, yay. went off. and we went forever 21 afterwards. den BTB showed up!! HAHHA!! awwwwww, so niceeeee... talked briefly and he left. we went ben&jerry's next! and shittt! i didn't order my fav new york fudge choc thingy flavour >:[ i must have it oneday! just watch and wait ((:
camwhored for awhile, rushed to train, cos it was like 3pm alr, when we're supposed to reach mr sim's house at 3pm. haha. rushed down, saw BTB & his family! ohoh,i see the sis bf before luhhh. haha, though i know he's in tp as well. okayy. BTB last one to turn around and realise im thr before waving.. -.-

reach mr sim's house. omggg, so hard to go, cos the block units are like divided into half so we went down teh wrong staircase. hahahaa. but smart chye eventually found the way and led others to it. MUHAHA! mr sim's house is like niceee! not like any typical hougang house luhh. nice, caught up with 4HUMILITY ppl. yay!!! love you allll. camwhored lots more! haha, haven't gotten the pics yet. yuppp. will show u all the pics when i get my hands on it.. heh! left ard 5pm, went home, changed, left with family to beach.. east coast park! just nice komez was having their outing thr as well. hahaha! ;DDDD

family day was fun. i fished! and it was my first try and i caught my first fish, which is the gao he. mom say its expensive fish.. muhahaha, im so luckyyyy. so i played with the fishing rod and i changed to the fishing string. cos the rod so heavy. hahha! took photos!!! shall upload once i transferred it to my com. heh heh. went the food centre to eat dinner. had lots lots lots of fooood. satay bee hoon, wanton mee, chicken wings, satay, beef noodles, soursop and the hao jian(the one with cockles thingy inside) YUM!!!!!! damn filling, we ordered like 2 plates of everything. hahaha. ahhh, walked back to car, talked to bro on the way bout cheerleading. cause his sch's NTU which is cheerleading champion, acers. yeah, he told me bout their trainings, injuries and all. tskkk, i feel so inferior. hahaa, nvm, shall improve(:
slept on car, got home, lost to a game and was the last to bathe.. haha. slept afterwards.

woke up at like 10plus!!! omggg, so pigggg, so lateeee. hahaha. so err, im going out later with BTB(: and we're gonna watch the what happens in vegas(is it this title??) yeahh. i heard from my frens its not bad. yay!! i wannnaaa watch it!!! so happyy!!! den ard 5plus i'll be going off to tampines, meet cheerleaders and we're going mediacorp (: cause of the wei wo du zun show, shi qian last round asked cheerleaders to help her, cause she wants to perform cheerleading. yup, and this wk she invited us to go support her. so im going! with many many ppl as well. heh! so fun so fun!!! gonnna take photoooos.. ;DDDD

OKAY!! i better get going now, else i'll be damn damn late. i'll upload pics of deyi sch peeps out day and sch photos. toooodlessss everyone! (: