Wednesday, May 21, 2008

CENTURIONS!!!! haha, i have no idea why i said this, cause its my REDCAMP group. which is in ngee ann poly. hahaha.

anywayyyy, i've got updates. haha, i think thr's plenty of updates happening in my life. haha. okay, so mediacorp show was nice, though the girl we initially supported didn't win.. but her sis did! so cheers! and since their posters pic looked damn alike, we just covered the bottom diff character(one is shi qian, the other is shi ying), and raised it up to cheer. hahaah! aft show, charter bus brought us back to tampines mall and we had dinner thr. mark walked me to busstop cause it was late. homebound afterwards. tired ass.

ytd had cheerleading. i was flyer. we did elevator, like the base will raise the girls upright. their hands hold our feet, at their chin, and we flyers stand up straight. yup, and i fell like 3-4 times from that height. falls always happen during cheerleading, so i guess im still alright, apart from some abrasions. hahaha. yup. i think im getting used to my muscles ache. hahha. we did abs conditioning ytd. i love it! ;D im like, dont really feel the pain anymore. ahaha. damn funny. cause guys and girls share the mat to do our abs conditioning luh. so i was the front of all girls, and when we did right plank, i faced like ALL the guys.. dman paiseh, cause must lock body and getting tired alr, so the face like donno wad. hahahah. dman funny. and gary was just beside me, so his face is like making me laugh. hahha. =x
but nevertheless, training was terrific(painful) and i still love cheerleading. no matter what (:

class tday. no apel, cause got graduation. went sugarloaf for lunch with hongyao, weiloong, pauline, jing hao, bing xun, siang phong and wilfred. the food's not bad, gonna go thr again and top table as well ;D movied with :) haha, left aft 2 movies. and im supposed to do my wrtoral now. mannns, i got no mood to do. i wanna slackkkk. ahahha. tssskk, chyechyechye, u're a bag of lazy bones. (:


mediacorp with cheerleaders

han lin and i (:

bryan and i (:

sharon and i (:

and that's mark our beloved senior WITH MY SHAWL. -.-

me, su hui and larry(senior) (:

su hui and i in the studio! :D

me, su hui and rooney! :DD

mark and i (: idioootttt markkkk..

gary and i (:

rooney and i (: flashy teetttthhh!


HAH! i can fish with a fishing rod okay!

and look! my first fish caught! this gao he, expensive fish siaaaaa...

holes shall always remain as holes

kite flying in the night is my hobby.

that's my scary kite that scares the planes away.

heh heheeee..

that's bro and mom fixing the prawn on teh fishing hook


i think im still spastic. or rather, im ALWAYS spastic :]

HAHAHA! im sorrrry, when siblings get together, we go crazy and retarded. great way of bonding yeah. [:

meet my unglam-6-years-old-difference-brother, joseph chye. :DDD

and dont you just loveeeee greeeeen teeaaaaa???? its so yummylicious! (:

this was taken by kokpern, the cameraman. credits to the visualiser that was pointed to us and flashed on the screen which allowed kokpern to take this photo. haha. so this is how we look like during lectures, combination of 4 classes. though not all are in this pic. haha
more pics up next time. deyi sec sch peeps and N801 peeps. heh. time to do wrtoral! tata!
in the midst of you deciding
i myself start to wonder
am i really ready for all this?
why cant i be the nice person
why am i always the bad one
maybe i should just................