Friday, May 23, 2008

bad bad bad.. ytd cheerleading, fell down again. this time more serious. cause base nv let go when i fall(unstable when going up) den backspot nv catch me, and we were quite near the edge of the mat. so when i fell, i hit my tail bone, backbone and shoulder. damn loud. pearl an said i fell like a stick like that. cause must lock body mah, so i fell locking my body, dne backspot nv catch me. !!!! den later when i tried pushing off to fly once again, i couldn't do it alr, my entire left arm went numb and suan, and the back got feeling like got bone jutting out.. so rested for the rest of training and some cheerleaders helped to massage my back. THANKS EVERYONE. (:

den when coming home, slept on bus.. den suddenly felt this uncle tap my shoulder.. i open my eyes and he said "xiao mei, reach interchange alr" OMGG!! den i quickly jumped off.

right. so i just went for my tui na, hurts like hell. im not going back nxt tues. doc said i injured my nerve on my shoulder connecting to my neck. gotta rest now, cant do sports for the time being.. anw had a heated quarrel with mom. now i also donno laa, my bro's gonna talk to her. she forbids me to cheer and all. its like cheerleading is a dangerous sport, i know. accidents always happen, and u cant just base on one time injury and rule out everything else. its very unfair to me. i just hope that one day u will see my passion for cheerleading and stop worrying bout me so much. in this way, then will i enjoy cheerleading totally and achieve sense of achievement when i cheerlead. i wonder when will this day arrive. i really look forward to this day when u all can let me cheer without restrictions.

im damn moody now.