Wednesday, May 14, 2008

hellooooo, omgg, i just went online shopping, there flies my money.. but will only get my clothes in june/july. cause its gonna be shipped in then. yeahhh. but nvm! once i get my clothes! IM GONNA BE EXCITED!!! muahaah!!

okay, i tell u, my muscles ache so much i type with difficulties. hurhur. riggghhtttt. so ytd met wilfred, siangphong and kok pern go gym in sch. woah, gym was TIRING. its been like 457283594641years since i last gymed. mygoshhh! but thanks wilfred anw for training me ;DD did lots on arms. yupp. gymed for like 1hr plus, went to pool to find rooney and pearl an, but they weren't thr, so went to bathe. damn malu i tell u! cos wilfred took my shoe bag, only until when i step into the cubicle i realised it wasn't with me. so i went out, called him and teh ttwo others, no one pick up. den i heard the shower heads being turned on. gosh, my clothes are inside my shoe bag. -.- so i asked the student lifeguard to help get it for me. wahlau so malu.

me: err excuse me, can u help me take my clothes? my frens took it in and i cant get it
lg: oh, kayyy. wad clothes??
me: oh, its in a shoe bag, adidas shoe bag
-lg goes in, and returns with my shoe bag
lg: this?
me: yesss! thanks!!
lg: no prob(:

aft bathing, left pool, and the lifeguard kept looking at me. OMG, SO MALU. hahahah! he must be thinking, that girl who had her clothes in guys toilet.. -.- omggggg. went lib afterwards watch movie with VIN! ;DD haha. watch until just nice 1pm! den i quickly rush to class and vin left. class like usual. den cheerleading afterwards!

mygosh!! it was like gym all over again!! and this time repeat two sets. so its like gym x2!!! so total i did gym x3!!! omgggg. den we had to do guys push up on the holey hard stadium ground and it caused my palms to get blisters and red painful patches. :( den do bridge and push up in bridge position, 3 sets of 10. and do handstand and push up in handstand position, 2 sets of 10. and so when iw as doing handstand, my back wasn't in teh right position and my frens pulled my legs up and so it resulted in a pull of muscle at my lower left of my back. TSK! and i had to rest aside. den aft awhile don care, go join back. did jumps, like split while jumping in the air and touch yr toes, so its like a star?? yeahh. they call it straddle. haha. damn cool. i must practice at home myself. muahah. den did tumbling. 2 seniors coach me, cause last 2 sessions i didn't learn.. yup, so they pushed me and all. and aft a few rounds, i got it! but its still not perfect everytime and i still hesitate to tumble forward everytime. tsk, tml will do backward roll. frontward is alr hard enough for me. its not as easy as u think lor, u dont use yr head to roll forward, u use yr arms and yr rounded back. yeahhh. so still practicing! (:

tml's cheerleading!!! so psyched! and we're gonna do stunts!! MY FAV!!! ;DDD heh heh heh!!! and and tml aft sch is movie marathon with VIN!!! ;DDD YAY YAY YAY!!! tml's gonna be my fav day!! im so happpppppy. heh heh heh! ((((: okay, gotta do wrtoral nowwww. later tml wong waabee not happy. haha

tata! (:

this is dman retarded.. but anw, i learnt it myself!! ;DD and its like soo not perfect. hahaha. oh wells. ;)