Monday, May 12, 2008

im blogggginggg!! guess what! i just finished my wrtoral product description!! ;DD -pats myself on the back

lets talk about schoooool. (: monday is the day i dread the most. cause its 9-5pm, with only 1hr of pathetic break. yeah. fortunately, i endured through! ;D
CADS lecture is a bore, as usual, but tday we did lots of copying. yeah. den she let us off damn early, so had break time. back for maths lecture. tcher was like u all come here to study or talk to friends or play games or listen music or sleep? -.- hurhur! so yeah, apparently nobody's paying attention. anw he's a longwinded man. ugh. facom tut nxt, copied like waterfall. haha. lunch break! but skipped it to do wrtoral proj with mabel (: finished early, grabbed a bite, went CADS lab. cads getting boringggg, cause both wilfred and i donno how to do. but we figured it out in the end. muhhaa! den effcom test, quite tough. and afterwards was maths test, which was quite easy. ahha. -crosses my fingers and toes that i'll pass with flying colours.

went cp to buy my pouch. muahah! bought it! chip n dale. sorry denise, i made u run an extra mile to toapayoh. sorrrrrry :( went popular to buy stationeries but didn't see the suitable one, so went hougang mall's instead. anw, i saw ms goh at cp pop! den when i was at hm pop, i saw her again! ahhaah! so coool. haha. yeah, bought my stuff and nailclipper! but i forgot to get more earsticks! for cheerleading use. OMG! and croc clips as well .SHITTTTT. thr's cheerleading tml. arghh. i'll just hav to borrow.

okay! so gym's tml. yay! so fun! long time since i last gymed, wonder how my performance will be.. -frowns. and i shall swim with pearlan once my knee recovers. cant wait! yay yay! ohoh, weiloong ask me to plan class outing. -.- okayy, shall try to, everyone CHIP IN TO HELP!!! ;DDD yay, iloveN801 (: