Sunday, May 11, 2008

i woke up late for piano.. i got a new nickname from gary the char kway tiao.. haha. yeahh.. i feel damn bad luhh. i nv practice piano much. like sat den i practice. cos no time practice luhh. okay, i must make it a point to come home early if i got nth on and do all my stuff.
but but my organiser's so packed. :/ oh wells.

ohgreat, i forgot bout my piano performance. -.- its on the 14th of june. at OPUS ONE MUSIC SCHOOL main office, which is at stirling road. (where the hell is that??!) okay, its gna be a small performance, yeah, cause i chose the smaller one. thr's one my tcher ask me go, young musician society. too scary for amatuer like me luhh. so i asked for smaller one. yeah . i've got about a month to perfect my 2 pieces.
oh, if u dont know what opus one music sch is, its from international brian academy in germany. yeah. that's my piano school. tskkk, stresssssss.
i really do hope i'll be able to cope with the upcoming performanceS and rehersalS and school and cca and everything else. =X

so i did some cooking just now, and i've got to wash the plates, cause bro did the most cooking. not fair!!!! fine fine, i shall go wash plates, eat lunch and get ready to go gran's house.

SHIT!!! i haven't do my wrtoral product description and revise for maths& effcom test tml!!! ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!! ohoh, haven't do the effcom hw yet. NOOO!!! i think later i bring my laptop go gran's house do.. tskk. so sad. :(((

that day we all went out. i forgot when. i know we watched forbidden kingdom and played pool. haha. anw, some photos are up here. rest are still stuck with cindy and zhenru. haha. busy ppl. haha

topleft-clockwise: cindy, me, zhenru, erica, yichao, crosby, jonathan, johnson, weijie

HAHA! this is damn cuteeee!

pool pool!!! love the girls! me, zhenru and cindy.

macs macs! this auntie helped us take cos she saw jon trying to stretch his arms damn far to take all of our faces in. haahha

random pics! ;D

this was my sec sch choir during syf central judging. (:

try spotting me. okay, try not to. i look gross. hahaha.
ohoh! this one! during chingay! i forgot when. yeah, this bull damn damn fun! i went to quite far u know. means im pro. ahhaa. no laaa. its fun though.the last part, u practically get swung off the whole bull .ahaha fun fun!

shoppping dramasss

she's my darling(((: